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Sunrise Calendar now integrates Wunderlist tasks right into the daily view


Sunrise Calendar now offers full integration with Wunderlist, allowing you to see your to-do list tasks in the daily view – and to add new Wunderlists tasks from within the calendar app.

Any Wunderlist tasks due on a particular date are shown as All Day items in your calendar. When you mark them as complete in Wunderlist, they get a tick in Sunrise and move down beneath still-active tasks.

The integration is two-way, allowing you to select a calendar item and assign it to a Wunderlist list, which will then show up in the task manager app with that due date assigned. You can find more details and instructions from the Wunderlist blog below.

Sunrise Calendar earlier this month added a new custom keyboard to allow faster meeting scheduling. Wunderlist is promising further app integration to come with Slack, Hipchat, Zapier, Scanbot, OneNote and more.


Wake up with Wunderlist and Sunrise

This post is dedicated to Josh, Selena, João, Robert, and the many, many other Wunderlist users who have tweeted asking for a Wunderlist and Sunrise integration. Well today, your wishes have been granted!

If you’re already familiar with Sunrise then you’ll know that it’s a beautifully designed calendar for your Android, iPhone and Mac. Our friends at Sunrise have made it super easy to see your Wunderlist to-dos in your calendar and even to add to-dos directly from Sunrise.

The Basics

Want to get started? Ok, let’s go! First, make sure you’ve downloaded and signed up to both Wunderlist and Sunrise. On iOS and Android, open Sunrise, head to settings, scroll down to Accounts and click on Add Account. Find Wunderlist in the list, tap on ‘Connect’ and sign-in. On Desktop? Have a look here. Hey presto, you have officially integrated the two apps, let the fun begin.

Choose your lists

You know that list with all your to-dos for a surprise birthday party for your beloved? Perhaps you don’t want that one showing up in your calendar. Luckily you can choose which lists you want to see in Sunrise. Take a look at your Visible Calendars and simply untick all the lists that shouldn’t show up.

To-dos meet calendar

If you have a number of to-dos due for today then they should now be showing up in your daily view. As you check them off in Wunderlist the to-do will move to the bottom of your list in Sunrise with a little check mark by it. At the end of the day you can look back with pride at all the to-dos you’ve completed.

Add a to-do straight from your calendar

By integrating Wunderlist with Sunrise you’ll now have a great overview of the days and weeks ahead. If you like to plan your week by assigning to-dos to each day, then you’ll probably love this feature—you can now add a to-do from your Sunrise calendar to a list in Wunderlist. Choose your day, add an event, pick your list and when you next look at Wunderlist you’ll see your to-do with a due date assigned to it. Want to change the due date? You can do that in Sunrise too!

We’ve been working hard on making Wunderlist work even harder for you. The release of our Public API last week means that we’ll have a lot of great integrations coming up in the next few months enabling you to be ever more productive. Sunrise is just the start, stay tuned for future updates featuring our friends at Slack, Hipchat, Zapier, Scanbot and OneNote, just to name a few.

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Sunrise Calendar announces new Mac client with offline mode, third-party app integration

Just a few weeks after rolling out a major update its iOS apps, Sunrise Calendar today announced the first version of Sunrise for Mac. Sunrise for Mac includes a variety of features and capabilities, many of which are similar to what you’d find in the company’s iOS apps. On OS X, the app takes almost all of its design cues from the iOS client with color-coded events, although the team notes that the Mac client was built “specifically for the desktop.”


Sunrise Calendar, IMDb, iA Writer, Dolphin Browser, Myst, Finish, deals, more

Sunrise Calendar: Launched today by former Foursquare designers, the free Sunrise calendar app is getting a lot of attention for its simplistic approach to combining calendars, Facebook events and birthdays, and weather forecasts based on your current location. The app initially only supports Google Calendar, includes Timezone support (a feature missing from many popular calendar apps), and integration with LinkedIn to “see faces of people you are meeting.”

☆ 100% free calendar app with a gorgeous design.
☆ Compatible only with Google Calendar for now.
☆ A completely redesigned calendar experience for your iPhone.
☆ Synchronization that just works, in real-time.
☆ Quick Add Event just by typing “Lunch tomorrow at 9pm” (long-press on the +).
☆ Reminders.
☆ Timezone Support. No more headache when travelling!
☆ Facebook Events and Birthdays included.
☆ See faces of people you are meeting with using LinkedIn.
☆ Weather forecast based on your location.
☆ Smart icons.
☆ Tag location to events.
☆ Use Google Maps for Directions.
☆ Connect multiple Google Calendars.

IMDB-iOS-appIMDb version 3.1: IMDb announced a nice update to its IMDb Movies & TV iOS app that brings a number of new features including links to titles available on Amazon Prime for users that have the  Amazon Instant Video app installed on their iPhone or iPad. The update also includes a Special Oscars section with a “list of nominees and photos from the red carpet and ceremony and live winners,” a new Recommendations feature, and a few improvements:

– Award information for celebrities and titles (iPad/iPhone)
– Titles available on Amazon Prime feature a link to watch if the Amazon Instant Video app is also installed (iPhone/iPad)
– Special Oscars® section: list of nominees and photos from the red carpet and ceremony and live winners on iPhone and iPad during the ceremony
– Recommendations: tap on the “i” in the corner of the poster to see why it’s recommended for you, rate the title if you’ve seen it, or indicate “not interested” (iPad)
– Improved accessibility for TV episode navigation (iPad)
– Updates to side navigation (iPad)
– Bug fixes include episode picker in VoiceOver (iPad)

Finish version 1.0.2: Improvements and new features for productivity app Finish:
1. There’s now an option in settings to start the week on Monday.
2. Smoother gestures!
3. Some small interface improvements

iA Writer version 1.8: Popular text editor iOS app iA Writer gets a big update today that includes a new iCloud engine and UI, overall new look and feel for the entire app, and a ton of features and improvements: Expand