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iCloud Web Apps and account sign-in experiencing system outages [U: Resolved]


According to Apple’s own System Status page, it looks as though some of iCloud’s services are currently down. ‘iCloud Account and Sign In’ and ‘iCloud Web Apps’ are currently noted as being down as far back as 11 AM PST. Our editors and readers alike have confirmed to be running into similar issues. The outage appears to have come just a few short hours after we noted that Apple was also improving’s Photos app.


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App Store outage for some users preventing logins, downloads & app updates [U: Resolved]


Reports are coming in that a list of App Store and iTunes services are currently down for users. Those affected are prevented from logging into their accounts, downloading and updating apps, or streaming previously purchased content. Apple’s system status as of 05:33 PM EST doesn’t list any services as being out, but tweets directed at Apple’s official support account seem to indicate otherwise.


Apple confirms the iTunes Store is currently down for some users


Update (15/10/2015): Apple services again experiencing outages across App Store, iTunes Store and more services as reported by their system status page. Not a good week for Apple’s cloud uptime.

Following a similar outage yesterday, some iTunes users are continuing to experience service disruptions as Apple confirms the downtime. Apple recently updated its system status page tracking issues with its services, stores and iCloud to note the ongoing problem with the iTunes store for some users:

“Users are experiencing a problem with the service listed above. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

The outage has been affecting some users since around 12pm ET, according to Apple, and is yet to be resolved.

Yesterday a number of users reported experiencing issues with Apple’s online services but Apple didn’t detail the problems on its status page.

We’ll update here if Apple confirms the problem as resolved.

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Apple says iCloud Mail experiencing outage for some users


Following several reports from readers earlier today that Apple’s iCloud Mail service was experiencing an outage, Apple has now updated its system status page to reflect the downtime.

Apple says that “some users are affected” and that “users may be unable to receive iCloud mail”. Apple’s system status page says the outage started a little before 12PM ET this morning and continues for some. iCloud Mail service also went down last month with a relatively small number of users experiencing an outage for as long as 18 hours.

Apple has made some improvements to the iCloud Mail service recently including flipping the switch on encryption for email sent between providers.

We’ll update here when/if Apple provides an update on the outage.


iCloud Mail experiencing issues with slower than normal responses

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.29.58 PM

iCloud Mail is currently experiencing service issues. The conflict has been impacting users for more than an hour and is currently ongoing according to Apple’s system status page. “Users may experience slower than normal response when using iCloud mail,” Apple’s description of the service disruption says.

It appears Apple’s App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store also experienced down time with customers not being able to make purchases, but Apple’s system status page says that outage was resolved after just over an hour. The iCloud Mail issue, however, is ongoing. (Update: Resolved as expected.)

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iCloud goes down… down under


Several reports are coming in that Apple’s iCloud services have been experiencing an outage in Australia in addition to a few reports from New Zealand. Most appear unable to access any iCloud services such as Calendars and Mail, and others report Apple’s iMessage service is also down. The problems appear to have started late last night eastern time and continued into the morning today.

Apple is yet to update its System Status page to reflect the outages, but users continue to report problems. A long list of tweets from users in both Australia and New Zealand note the system was still down as of this morning.

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New norm? iTunes Store purchasing issue affecting 20% of users this morning [update: back up]

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.17.57 AM

Apple has updated its System Status page to show that 20% of users have been unable to make purchases since 6am this morning. Sadly, this outage is starting to become the norm as just last week the iTunes Store and other iCloud services were experiencing issues for certain users. In addition, Apple released new versions of iOS 7iTunes 11, and iTunes 11.1 beta to fix issues with iTunes in the Cloud that would not display purchases properly for some users.

Last week, Apple also sent out a botched update to Find my iPhone that left non-developers unable to log in to the app for several hours.

Downtime and server issues are to be expected with any large system – even went offline for just two minutes a couple of weeks ago – but there seems to be a growing amount of downtime reported on the System Status page. Nevertheless, it is good to see Apple being transparent with the issues.

We’ll update this page once the iTunes Store becomes fully functional again.

Update: The iTunes Store issues were resolved at 9:26 AM this morning, three and half hours after the problems began.

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Apple’s iCloud servers once again experiencing major outages for a growing number of users


Update, 9:34 AM: Apple has now updated its System Status page to confirm the outages we reported earlier this morning. Apple reports some users experienced issues with account & sign in for iCloud, purchases for iTunes, Game Center, and creating new Apple IDs:

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 3.51.58 PM

Over the last couple of months Apple’s iCloud servers have been experiencing major outages approximately every couple of weeks and today a growing number of users are once again complaining of issues accessing various iCloud services.

9to5Mac readers in several countries have reached out to Apple support who confirmed the outages, although Apple is yet to update its System Status page to reflect the downtime. Apple is typically at least a few hours behind in reporting outages.

As highlighted by hundreds of users on Twitter, the outages appear to be affecting multiple iCloud services including Mail, third-party apps attempting to access iCloud credentials, and Find my iPhone. Others are simply receiving an error message when attempting to access any iCloud service. Some users are also reporting that iCloud is requesting they reset their passwords as if their account is experiencing a security issue.

We’ll update this post when/if Apple finally reports the outages.

Movies and TV Shows oddly disappear from Apple TVs for many users

Several 9to5Mac readers, most of which are located in the United Kingdom, reported that movies and TV shows have oddly disappeared from the Apple TV menu. A thread on Apple’s Support forums confirmed many users are now experiencing the issue.

While the problem originally appeared to only affect users located in the U.K., more reports on Twitter, as highlighted in the selection of tweets below, from New York, France, Ireland, and Australia further confirmed missing icons. One user on Apple support forums claimed Apple informed him the icons would be restored soon and that the stores continue to work in the U.S. and Luxembourg:


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Apple confirms some users unable to access iCloud docs, Photo Stream, Backup & Restore, iMessage and more

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 2.25.20 PM

Update: Apple’s iCloud status page said all services were back online as of 11:32 a.m. PST.

As noted by several 9to5mac readers and users on Twitter, iCloud users have experienced varying outages since early yesterday. As of 11:17 a.m. PST today, Apple’s iCloud support system status page confirmed: “Users may be unable to use iCloud Documents, Photo Stream or Backup & Restore. Users may also be unable to send or download attachments in iMessage. Normal service will be restored ASAP.” We can see from Apple’s updated “Recent” status updates that users have experienced a number of issues with iCloud in recent days. The issues range from not being able to access iCloud mail to incoming messages being “slow or unavailable.”

Many users still cannot get access to email and synced content. On Twitter, some reported iCloud being down since yesterday or longer.

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Apple admits iCloud was hosed for 15 million users this morning, after the fact

After a number of reports and tweets from across the Web announced outages for iCloud mail this morning, Apple updated its system status page confirming the outage lasted from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. PDT and affected approximately 12 percent—or 15 million— of iCloud’s 125 million users. Unfortunately, Apple’s iCloud Support page was not updated until after service was restored, which left most users in the dark as to why they could not access Mail and Notes during the outage.