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AT&T releases Enterprise Push to Talk (EPTT) app for iPhone

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AT&T released a Push to Talk iPhone client for Enterprise customers today. With Sprint closing its Nextel PTT services soon, this will come in handy for a lot of businesses. The service allows business customers to:

  • Create large contact lists with up to 1,000 contacts
  • Conduct a group call with up to 250 people simultaneously with the push of a button
  • Choose from a broad selection of smartphones, feature phones, rugged phones and specialty devices
  • Talk and use productivity applications simultaneously
  • See who’s available to talk now with AT&T Enhanced PTT’s presence status indicators
  • Allow supervisors to override PTT calls in order to communicate important, time- sensitive messages to their teams
  • Access AT&T’s expansive 3G, 4G and 4G LTE networks
  • Use mobile applications, GPS or cameras on your phones during PTT calls

AT&T Enhanced PTT Product Brief

Corporate Admin Tool Quick Reference Guide

AT&T Enhanced PTT is the premier enterprise-grade carrier push-to-talk solution for large or small organizations, with superior performance, features and reliability. Enhanced PTT uses next-generation Voice over IP technology to deliver one-to-one or group calls over the AT&T 3G or 4G networks or on compatible WiFi networks.

Key features of Enhanced PTT include:
* Fast call setup times and low latency
* Advanced push-to-talk features including real-time presence, Instant Personal Alerts, free/busy status and Supervisory Override
* Scalable to support large contact lists and talk groups
* Organizations can use a Corporate Admin Tool for easy management of users and groups

Enhanced PTT is available for AT&T Wireless customers only and cannot be used with international roaming. For more information on getting started with AT&T Enhanced PTT, visit