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SnapTax by TurboTax lets you e-file your taxes with your iPhone camera

TuboTax SnapTax

Gearing up for tax season and looking for the easiest way to get it over with? TurboTax is making tax filing in 2014 as easy snapping a photo with your iPhone. Seriously.

Similar to many banking apps that allow you to take a photo of a physical check to make a deposit, SnapTax app by TurboTax allows you to focus your camera at your W-2 (1040EZ/A) to quickly input most of the important information required for filing your taxes.

After you capture the photo, the app uses optical character recognition to parse out the important information and asks you a few remaining questions and you’re on your way.

This year, TurboTax notes its app is the first of its kind to allow you to e-file your taxes on a mobile device in Spanish making it easier for everyone to take advantage of the app.