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Source: No iPhone 4S on Boost Mobile in September

There is a rumor floating around today that surfaced conspicuously/immediately after the Cricket pre-paid phone was announced. If Cricket got the iPhone, it would make sense that Boost could also get the iPhone. Even we said:

Sprint, which carries the iPhone, and owns two big prepaid networks in Virgin and Boost Mobile, will likely have an iPhone prepaid offering in the coming months too.

Both Boost and Virgin use the same CDMA as Cricket, so it is not a technology barrier by any means.

However, according to our sources, Boost getting the iPhone this September is purely fiction.

We’re not sure if Boost isn’t getting it at all, or perhaps the timing is off, or perhaps Sprint’s more premium Pre-Paid service, Virgin, is getting the iPhone.

Update: Looks like it is Virgin. Expand

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Sprint to give $100 toward iPhone 4S during trade-in promo (Update)

UPDATE: Sprint confirmed the promotion today with an email to 9to5Mac:

Beginning today, May 18, for a limited time only, customers can bring in their current iPhone from any other carrier to a Sprint store (or online and telesales) and receive at least $100 off the purchase of a new iPhone 4S (excludes upgrades) with a new line of service and two year agreement. Below are the two ways people take advantage of this limited time offer:

  • Save in store:
  1. Reserve your iPhone 4S online at (excludes upgrades)
  2. Bring your old iPhone with you to a Sprint store
  3. Save $100 instantly when you activate a new line of service!
  • Save Online
  1. Go to to buy your iPhone 4S through our online store and open a new line of service (excludes upgrades)
  2. After you receive your new iPhone, visit and click Trade in my device to receive a shipping label via email. (Note: If your Buyback value is less than $100, we’ll make up the difference with an additional account credit. You’ll need to activate your new phone by 7/3/12 and trade-in by 8/14/12.)
  3. Receive a credit on your bill within 2 to 3 billing cycles. Your credit may be spilt into 2 payments. Please wait the full 3 month billing cycle to receive your full $100 credit.

TechnoBuffalo reported that an upcoming Sprint trade-in promotion will allegedly give existing iPhone owners at least $100 toward an iPhone 4S—if they sign a two-year contract and open a new line of service. The deal will supposedly run between May 18 and June 30:

If you’re an iPhone customer considering jumping ship to Sprint, the Now Network’s upcoming promo just might be enough to influence your decision. A trusted source has shared with us that starting on May 18th Sprint will begin offering a minimum of $100 on any iPhone trade-ins towards an iPhone 4S.

T-Mobile offered a similar deal earlier this month, where the carrier promised $200 trade-ins for any iPhone.