PSA: Apple makes its Store events featuring famous actors/musicians/artists available as free iTunes downloads

Apple isn’t just blowing hot air when they talk about their stores being a vessel to enrich their customers’ lives. Stores play host to summer camp, One to One lessons, Genius Bar troubleshooting appointments, and even special events that explore various art forms.

These events take place at some of Apple’s most prestigious store locations and feature famous actors, musicians, and artists. Past guests include the fashion tycoon Tom Ford, actor Ty Burrell (Modern Family), and platinum selling rap star Kendrick Lamar.

Since these events are only held at a few locations and store size greatly limits the amount of fans that can attend, we thought it would be helpful to remind you that Apple posts video and audio from these events on iTunes for free. The easiest way to keep up with new episodes is to subscribe to each series and follow along with Apple’s Podcasts app: Meet the Filmmaker, Meet the Musician, and Meet the Author. Check out the links on the righthand side of iTunes to preview upcoming events. Enjoy.