Video Graphics Array Stories May 2, 2012

AirPlay to older projectors with Kanex ATV Pro Adapter

Kanex just released an AirPlay mirroring adapter for VGA projectors that streams content wirelessly from computers and iOS devices to TVs and projectors through Apple TV.

The Kanex ATV Pro is geared toward legacy projectors lacking HDMI ports. The new tech connects to Apple TV’s HDMI output port, as well as other device’s HDMI ports, and offers a mini D-sub 15-pin VGA port and 3.5mm stereo minijack audio connection for aging projectors and sound systems. It is also power plug free and supports up to 1080p with vertical refresh rate range of 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

The result allows teachers and presenters with an iOS device to stream or mirror content directly to a VGA projector through an Apple TV without additional equipment, power, or infrastructure.

“Kanex is excited to be delivering a product that supports an interactive learning experience. We listened to the concerns surrounding technological modernization and designed a high-quality adapter that grants facilities an unmatched HD solution for iLearning with their iOS devices and Apple TVs,” explained Kanex President Kelvin Yan in a press release.

The ATV Pro is available now for $59. Additional details are available at Kanex’s website, and the presser is available below.

Video Graphics Array Stories April 25, 2012

Sprint’s sticking with its unlimited data even if/when next iPhone has LTE

Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse told CNET today that the carrier would stick with its unlimited data plan for the next iPhone whether or not it is LTE capable. Sprint already provides unlimited for other LTE smartphones, but the company’s chief said its unique offering lures new customers who would normally choose another carrier:

“Frankly, it’s a marriage made in heaven,” said Hesse to CNET regarding the iPhone and its unlimited data plan. “We’re clearly attracting customers from our competitors.”

Video Graphics Array Stories March 26, 2012

Skype for iPad got a Retina update this morning, meaning its icons and menus will not show pixelated fonts that will harm your new iPad Retina sensibilities. Unfortunately, the new iPad’s front-facing camera is still VGA, and we are pretty sure Skype is not pulling 2048-by-1500 pixel video feeds though your LTE connection just yet.

Still, it is exciting to see Skype updating for anything within months of release.


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Video Graphics Array Stories August 23, 2011

Reader Elaine sends us this scene from a Costco

So I imagine there is a marketing meeting at the Sony Bravia offices a few months ago where they are brainstorming new ways to market this 46″ TV.

Someone steps up and says Apple is about to release a new OS and all of their boxes are going to have this ‘Galaxy Swirl’ thing on the cover.  Perhaps we can confuse a few people into thinking this is Apple/type/quality products.

Sure, its a different angle and view, but it is pretty clear what the intention was.  While this is probably legal and will certainly fool a certain part of the population, those who follow tech have to feel a little sorry for the once-great Sony, which is rapidly turning into an also-ran knock-off artist.

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Video Graphics Array Stories December 16, 2010

Fortune reports that a Flextronics executive was taped by FBI officials revealing iPhone sales numbers two and a half weeks before the official announcement as well as the existence of the iPad.  Flextronics director Walter Shimoon had a conversation with an an unnamed “cooperative witness” in late 2009 in which he revealed:

  • Apple, he is heard telling CW-2, was “coming out next year” with a new iPhone that’s “gonna have two cameras … It’ll be a neat phone because it’s gonna have a five-megapixel auto-focus camera and it will have a VGA forward-facing videoconferencing camera.” Apple announced the iPhone 4 — with its two cameras — eight months later.
  • Then he is heard telling CW-2 that “they [Apple] have a code name for something new … It’s totally … It’s a new category altogether… It doesn’t have a camera, what I figured out. So I speculated that it’s probably a reader. … Something like that. Um, let me tell you, it’s a very secretive program. … It’s called K, K48. That’s the internal name. So, you can get, at Apple you can get fired for saying K48.” The iPad — code named K48 — was unveiled four months later.

Flextronics supplies Apple with camera and battery components for its iOS devices (or at least it did). Shimoon and his three co-defendants were arrested Thursday on several changes of wire fraud and securities fraud. expand full story

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