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Dozens of popular apps found ‘vulnerable to password cracking’



Popular iOS and Android apps from companies like Walmart, ESPN, Slack and SoundCloud have been found vulnerable to password cracking, according to a recent report from AppBugs. The security firm found that dozens of the most popular apps are lacking, in that they allow you to make any number of attempts to login without restriction. These clearly opens up a gap for attackers who have the means to guess those passwords and gain access to your accounts.

The most secure apps will force you to reset your password if you don’t enter it correctly, or they’ll lock you out after you’ve made a certain number of attempts.

AppBugs tested the most popular apps to see how they stacked up. It checked 100 popular apps which support password-protected web accounts and limited themselves to apps which had been downloaded at least 1 million times. Of those 100 apps, 53 were found to have the vulnerability.


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Microsoft reportedly buying cross-platform to-do list app Wunderlist

You can now add the German mobile app firm 6Wunderkinder GmbH to the growing list of companies with iOS apps that Microsoft has bought in recent months. 6Wunderkinder makes the popular cross-platform Wunderlist task manager for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has spent somewhere in the ballpark of $100-$200 million for the firm. Expand

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Sunrise Calendar now integrates Wunderlist tasks right into the daily view


Sunrise Calendar now offers full integration with Wunderlist, allowing you to see your to-do list tasks in the daily view – and to add new Wunderlists tasks from within the calendar app.

Any Wunderlist tasks due on a particular date are shown as All Day items in your calendar. When you mark them as complete in Wunderlist, they get a tick in Sunrise and move down beneath still-active tasks.

The integration is two-way, allowing you to select a calendar item and assign it to a Wunderlist list, which will then show up in the task manager app with that due date assigned. You can find more details and instructions from the Wunderlist blog below.

Sunrise Calendar earlier this month added a new custom keyboard to allow faster meeting scheduling. Wunderlist is promising further app integration to come with Slack, Hipchat, Zapier, Scanbot, OneNote and more.


Wake up with Wunderlist and Sunrise

This post is dedicated to Josh, Selena, João, Robert, and the many, many other Wunderlist users who have tweeted asking for a Wunderlist and Sunrise integration. Well today, your wishes have been granted!

If you’re already familiar with Sunrise then you’ll know that it’s a beautifully designed calendar for your Android, iPhone and Mac. Our friends at Sunrise have made it super easy to see your Wunderlist to-dos in your calendar and even to add to-dos directly from Sunrise.

The Basics

Want to get started? Ok, let’s go! First, make sure you’ve downloaded and signed up to both Wunderlist and Sunrise. On iOS and Android, open Sunrise, head to settings, scroll down to Accounts and click on Add Account. Find Wunderlist in the list, tap on ‘Connect’ and sign-in. On Desktop? Have a look here. Hey presto, you have officially integrated the two apps, let the fun begin.

Choose your lists

You know that list with all your to-dos for a surprise birthday party for your beloved? Perhaps you don’t want that one showing up in your calendar. Luckily you can choose which lists you want to see in Sunrise. Take a look at your Visible Calendars and simply untick all the lists that shouldn’t show up.

To-dos meet calendar

If you have a number of to-dos due for today then they should now be showing up in your daily view. As you check them off in Wunderlist the to-do will move to the bottom of your list in Sunrise with a little check mark by it. At the end of the day you can look back with pride at all the to-dos you’ve completed.

Add a to-do straight from your calendar

By integrating Wunderlist with Sunrise you’ll now have a great overview of the days and weeks ahead. If you like to plan your week by assigning to-dos to each day, then you’ll probably love this feature—you can now add a to-do from your Sunrise calendar to a list in Wunderlist. Choose your day, add an event, pick your list and when you next look at Wunderlist you’ll see your to-do with a due date assigned to it. Want to change the due date? You can do that in Sunrise too!

We’ve been working hard on making Wunderlist work even harder for you. The release of our Public API last week means that we’ll have a lot of great integrations coming up in the next few months enabling you to be ever more productive. Sunrise is just the start, stay tuned for future updates featuring our friends at Slack, Hipchat, Zapier, Scanbot and OneNote, just to name a few.

Apple adds auto-renewable subscriptions for Mac App Store apps in OS X Mavericks


Just like app developers have the ability to sell subscriptions as in-app purchases in iOS apps and Newsstand, they will soon be able to offer the same auto-renewable content through in-app purchases in Mac App Store apps.

Mac apps on the latest releases of OS X already support non-subscription based in-app purchases. For example, items that are purchased once and automatically applied to a user’s account. Up until now, developers offering an auto-renewable or non-renewing subscription in their iOS apps couldn’t do the same in the Mac App Store equivalents. Expand

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Wunderlist ‘Pro’ arrives today with new team collaboration features for $4.99/month

6 Wunderkinder, the developers behind the ‘Wunderlist’ to-do app that’s currently home to over 4 million users, today announced a new “Pro” version of the cross platform productivity app. Launching today on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and on the web, the new pro version comes with the introduction of the developer’s first premium model that will see users pay $4.99 a month (or $49.99 a year) to get access to new team oriented collaboration features:

Assigning – now you can add an extra level of accountability and assign tasks to your colleagues

and friends.
Unlimited subtasks – sometimes the task on hand is so big that you need to break it down into

small manageable subtasks. Now you can add as little or as many needed to get the job done.
Backgrounds – Wunderlist Pro subscribers will have access to eight new backgrounds – from a minimal dark wood and soothing sands to vibrant florals and the Paris cityscape, plus a whole lot more!

6 Wunderkinder plans to keep adding additional features for pro users, including the ability to attach and share files through tasks:

Files will be the next feature to be added to Wunderlist Pro. With the support of Files you will be able to attach files to a task and share with your colleagues, for improved collaboration outside of just the to-dos.

The Pro upgrade for Wunderlist is available now as an in-app purchase in the Wunderlist iPhone & iPad app as well as the Mac App Store app and on the web.

Those that plan on sticking with the free version of Wunderlist will also be greeted today with new features in update 2.1.0 of the app. Among them is a new Action Bar and other UI improvements such as the ability to “Get a quick overview as to who created and completed a task with the Detail View.”