How to Trade in Your iPad — The Ultimate Guide

is the iPad Pro worth the money?

So you have an old iPad that you need to get rid of. You’ve come to the right place — this is 9to5Mac’s ultimate guide. Whether it’s a new iPad Pro or a dying iPad 2, this is the right place. In this guide we’ll show you just about every option you have for recycling your old iPad, whether you want to go through the trouble of selling it yourself on a site like Swappa or eBay, send it off to one of many recycling sites, or trade it in with our partners in just a few clicks.

Trade in Your iPad with 9to5Mac

9to5Mac has partnered with leaders in the iPhone/iPad/Laptop cash trade-in and repair industries. The easiest way to get cash for your device is to head over to for an instant quote. We chose this partner in particular because of their industry-leading paybacks, rapid payment service, integrity, and reliability. They’ll accept most iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, iPod, Apple TV, AirPods, and more — as long as they are relatively recent and in working order, of course.

While 9to5Mac does do business, use, and endorse MyPhones Unlimited, the sites are external and we cannot be held liable for your experience with them. We may receive a small commission if you are satisfied with and move forward with your cash trade-in or repair, which is a great way to support the site. We love MyPhones, and we use it ourselves.

Other Great iPad Trade in Sites

Trade in your iPad @ Apple Trade In/GiveBack

Trading in your old iPad is made super easy by taking advantage of Apple’s own Trade In program. Trade In/GiveBack makes your life easy by offering you an Apple Store gift card to put toward a brand new iPad or tablet. To get started, just head over to Apple’s site, choose tablet, and enter your iPad’s serial number.

You’re not going to get the absolute highest values with Apple Trade In/GiveBack, but dealing with Apple comes with a level of peace of mind you won’t find elsewhere — you can be sure you’ll get what you’re promised unless you send in something other what you said you would.

Trade In/GiveBack isn’t limited to just taking in old iPads. Apple will take your iPhone or smartphone from a variety of OEMs, MacBook, Apple Watch, and even iMac. They’ll also recycle anything that they won’t buy. Head over to Apple GiveBack to get started.

Trade in your iPad at MyPhones Unlimited

MyPhones Unlimited is our favorite iPad trade in destination — they’re the company behind our own 9to5Mac trade-in portal. In many if not all cases, MyPhones has the best balance of generous trade in values, seamless experience, and customer service you’ll find on the web.

myphones trade in iphone

The experience using our trade-in site is pretty straightforward. Head over to the site, choose the iPad you’re looking to sell, and get your quote. MyPhones will immediately ship you out a box with a pre-paid shipping label, and you can just pop your Apple iPad in the mail. Assuming everything checks out on their end of things, you should receive a check for your tablet in the mail within 10 days.

Trade in your iPad at Gazelle

Gazelle is a popular option. They accept just about every possible device you can think of in just about any condition, and that includes Apple iPad going back many years. Their rates aren’t the most generous, but you can know for sure that they’ll treat you well given that the quote you get actually represents the device you send in. The process works the same as many other sites. Check out Gazelle.

Trade in your iPad at Decluttr

Decluttr is a great destination for trading in your iPhone, and they tend to offer some of the best trade in values on the market. Decluttr has great reviews on Trustpilot, and we’ve work with them as a partner in the past — so they’re definitely one of the sites we would use ourselves.

Trade in your iPad at Best Buy

You can also trade in your iPad at select electronics retailers around the world. In the US, the most popular destination is Best Buy, which takes iPhones, iPads, gaming hardware, Apple Watch, streaming media, and more.

Trade in your iPad w/ carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more

Trading in your old iPad is equally doable through your carrier. No matter which carrier you have, you can get a half-decent trade in value with minimal fuss. You can sometimes find a killer deal for a trade in put toward a new phone, but don’t count on that. You can find a trade in program at just about every major carrier, and that includes Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Here are some links:

Even more sites: Trademore, Igotoffer, Itsworthmore, BuyBackWorld

There are far more iPhone, iPad, and Mac trade in sites on the web than we can count. If you look closely, you might be able to find a site that’s offering just a bit more than average for your device. Beware, though — not all these sites are great. You might not actually get those extra dollars — some sites have rough Trustpilot ratings with reported issues with receiving payments for their devices, for example.

That said, these sites aren’t all bad — many of them have enough positive reviews and reputation that it’s pretty unlikely you’ll get straight up scammed for your iPad trade in if you’re choosing a site that’s at least moderately popular. Feel free to head over to Trademore, Igotoffer, Itsworthmore, and BuyBackWorld if you want to dig around for some differing rates with a little more risk.


Were you hoping you could easily trade in your iPad without having to ship it anywhere? If so, EcoATM might be a good option for you. You’ll get the least pay with this option, but if don’t care, then you can head to a physical EcoATM location and drop your iPad in. As far as we can tell, EcoATM offers the lowest rates of every option in this guide, so if you want cash, we obviously don’t recommend this one.

Best Online Marketplaces to trade in/sell your iPad


When it comes to selling your iPad yourself, Swappa is one of the best sites on the web with a quickly growing community. Swappa, unlike the larger online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, is a great destination is you want to sell on a platform built specifically for this purpose. Swappa got started with iPhone and Android phones, and those categories are still its most popular. But the iPad is big, too.

You should head over and check out Swappa if you’re serious about selling a good-condition device for the absolute max value you can get. Buyers are generally pretty safe and reliable and everything goes through PayPal. But just like eBay and Amazon, it’s going to take a bit more work than just trading it in.


eBay is perhaps the most notorious of online auction sites. I’m sure you’re already familiar, but here’s what you need to know: eBay’s fees are pretty high, eBay isn’t super quick and user-friendly these days, and it’s not always the most secure and safe of places online to sell things (unless you’re already a skilled and established seller, of course). Generally, we’d avoid eBay if you’re a first time online seller.

But if you know what you’re doing, eBay is a decent place to sell your iPad safely and for a fair price. Especially if you have a newer device that you can run an auction for and maximize what you make (or an older antique that the trade-in sites won’t give you anything for!), eBay is a pretty good option.

Check out eBay’s iPad trade in/sale landing page for a quick rundown on listing your iPad there.

Top iPhone Trade In Values From This Month

How much is your iPad Pro worth?

  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $250 cash (3rd gen, 11-inch, 64GB, WiFi, good) (Support the site!)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $300 cash (3rd gen, 11-inch, 256GB, WiFi, good) (Support the site!)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $350 cash (3rd gen, 12.9-inch, 64GB, WiFi, good) (Support the site!)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $400 cash (3rd gen, 12.9-inch, 256GB, WiFi, good) (Support the site!)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: Up to $550 cash (varies, choose your model)
  • Gazelle: $327 cash (3rd gen, 11-inch, 64GB, WiFi, good)
  • Gazelle: $387 cash (3rd gen, 11-inch, 256GB, WiFi, good)
  • Apple Trade-In: Up to $480 Apple Gift Card (varies, enter serial number)
  • Decluttr: Up to $660+ cash (varies, choose your model)

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