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iMac redesign rumors,  event expectations

By Chance Miller

April 21, 2021

Apple Card Family

As first revealed by 9to5Mac, Apple today introduced at its “Spring Loaded” special event a new feature called “Apple Card Family,” which lets users share the same Apple Card with other family members via iCloud Family Sharing.


The Apple Card owner can invite other people to share their card and track everyone’s spending on the Wallet app. The code also suggests that the Daily Cash will also be available for family members.

Podcast Subscriptions

Apple has officially an all-new feature coming to Podcasts next month. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions will allow listeners to directly support podcasters through the Podcasts app. The new service inside Apple Podcasts will be available starting in May.


M1 iMac: Braided Cable

Apple unveiled a completely redesigned new M1 iMac earlier today during its Spring Loaded special event. The new iMac also includes new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad accessories, plus a braided USB-C to Lightning cable for charging.


the braided USB-C to Lightning cable has come to fruition for the 24-inch iMac. Apple says that in the new iMac box, you’ll get a Magic Keyboard, power cord and power adapter for the iMac, a Magic Mouse (or Magic Trackpad), and a braided USB-C to Lightning cable.

Keyboard with Touch ID

As Apple has done in the past with refreshed Magic Keyboards, the new version with Touch ID is only available with the new iMac – at least for the time being. But the useful new keyboard with built-in biometrics will work with any M1 Mac.


The report also predicts “modest” price increases for the new iPad Pro models we’re expecting to see unveiled tomorrow, over pricing of the existing models …

iOS 14.5 Drops Next Week

iOS 14.5 will be available for iPhone and iPad next week after an extended software beta period that started in February. The latest software update brings loads of new features including two new Siri voices, strong protection against app tracking, a redesigned Podcasts experience, and much more.