iOS 14.5:  How to allow or block iPhone apps from tracking you

By Michael Potuck

April 26, 2021

Go to Privacy Settings

On your iPhone, head to Settings.  Swipe down and tap Privacy.



Choose Tracking at the top.


Change the default

The default setting is to allow apps to ask for permission to track you.


Toggle it off to block apps from being able to ask to track you. Choose “Ask Apps to Stop Tracking” or “Allow Apps to Continue Tracking” for any you’ve already approved.

If/when you do give permission for an app to track you, you’ll see a list of them under the Privacy > Tracking settings.

iOS 14.5 comes with a host of new features, and one of those is apps have to request permission before they can track you. Along with that, you have total control to allow or block iPhone app tracking, read on for how it works.