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Satechi’s Apple Watch Grip Mount plays music, shows notifications from steering wheels or bike handlebars


While it’s not the first Apple Watch bike handlebar mount to be announcedSatechi’s Apple Watch Grip Mount ($15) appears to be the first to actually hit stores — and it’s very affordable, besides. Made from two pieces of mostly matte plastic — an Apple Watch-holding clip and a handlebar- or steering wheel-ready cuff — the Grip Mount comes in either 38mm or 42mm Watch sizes. Side controls are accessible from the right edge of the clip, and you can rotate the Watch’s screen to your preferred orientation relative to wherever you’ve mounted it.


How practical is the Grip Mount? Well, if you want a way to Bluetooth stream a playlist full of music directly to your car stereo or a pair of bike-safe headphones, the Apple Watch is the smallest Apple wireless audio device around. And depending on how you plan to use it, it could be a handy way to check a pocketed iPhone’s map or notifications on the go. On the other hand, you’ll either need to enter a passcode to interact with the Apple Watch’s screen, or disable the passcode lock feature, which means you probably won’t be doing a lot of tapping on the display when you’re riding or driving. But if you want to add a little screen to your handlebars or steering wheel, this is about as good of an option as you’ll find at an inexpensive price point.