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Sprint launches official ‘Sprint Zone Mobile’ iPhone app

Since the iPhone 4S landed on Sprint in October, users have not had access to an official Sprint iOS app to manage their account similar to what other iPhone carriers provide. Now the carrier has launched its new “Sprint Mobile Zone” app (via SprintFeed) that allows users to manage their online accounts, access promotions and Sprint news, and more. Despite account access seemingly just serving websites from the carrier’s existing browser experience, in contrast to the un-installable carrier apps on Android, this is how all carrier apps should be.

In addition to the features mentioned above for Sprint customers, both Sprint and non-Sprint iPhone users will be able to access “Device Info” with the usual battery statistics, data connections information, and available resources. There is also an Apple and Sprint store locator and quick links to Sprint support and Apple Care. Get the free app now for iOS devices running iOS 5.0 and up (iTunes link).