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Dominos launches new app that lets you make a pizza on your iPad and order it in real life

Dominos Pizza has launched a new marketing campaign using the iPad. The pizza giant has made a new app called Dominos Pizza Hero available on the App Store that lets customers make a pizza and then order it in real life. The app also has a game aspect to it, leaving you to compete against the clock and against each other on theĀ leaderboardsĀ to create the best pizza.

Once you’ve created your pizza inside of the app, you can then use the “Make an Order” tab to order it through your closest Dominos store. A Dominos rep did say however there are limitations to what you can order — for instance you couldn’t order a pizza shaped like an Apple logo, even though that’d be really cool.

Dominos Pizza Hero is available for free on the App Store. This is certainly clever marketing by Dominos, but they aren’t the first to launch an iPad app for placing orders. Pizza Hut first launched an ordering app last May. Get ordering! (via Mashable)