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RadPad now lets you easily split rent with roommates using Apple Pay

roommate_launch1RadPad, an app we told you about back in November when it launched as one the first to let you pay rent using Apple Pay, now lets you easily split rent with roommates.

Pay with RadPad Roommates makes it really, really easy for renters who have roommates to pay their rent together, using their own credit, debit card or Apple Pay… A roommate signs up and invites their other roommates to pay rent together: RadPad sends invites to each roommate, via text and email. The roommate receives the invite, accepts it and then enters in their credit or debit card or elects to use Apple Pay. That’s it!

You’ll also be able to see when your roommates are slacking with status information on their half of the rent.  The app allows up to four roommates to split the rent and sends a check to the landlord on behalf of the tenants. You can even setup rent payments to your landlord through the app if they aren’t using RadPad.

RadPad tells us it’s expecting to process $14M in annual rents this year after launching in October.

The RadPad app is available on the App Store for free.