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Screenshots of WhatsApp’s upcoming VOIP feature surface, design similar to iOS 7’s Phone app


Shortly after being acquired by Facebook for $19 billion dollars, WhatsApp announced that it was planning to integrate VOIP into its messaging app in the coming months. Today, iPhoneItalia has picked up images of what it claims are screenshots of the VOIP feature in action.

In line with the iOS 7 redesign the app received in December, the VOIP functionality closely reflects the design of iOS 7’s native phone interface. The interface uses the same circular buttons and blurred background image; even copying the circular ‘end call’ button from iOS 7.1.


AT&T Call International app adds complexity, saves money

Out of the AT&T idea factory comes a new app that allows users to make calls via Voice over IP.  While it doesn’t say so explicitly, Verizon and Sprint users can use this VoIP app to make cheaper(?) calls on their iPhones even though they don’t use AT&T’s wireless service.  Theoretically, International iPhone users could as well.  The app is also available for Android.

The costs are billed directly to a credit card and not necessarily to an AT&T card holder’s account.

Just think of it as a more expensive Skype or (insert your favorite VoIP service here) with more limitations.

Also, while traveling in some countries, AT&T will allow you to use Wifi to make international calls over VoIP.

Here’s a few situations where this makes sense:

1. If you don’t have an AT&T signal but have Wifi – like Midtown Manhatten or the greater San Francisco area for instance.  T-Mobile already does this and it is a great service.  However, T-Mobile lets you recieve calls over Wifi too – which is awesome anywhere (including overseas) where a T-Mobile signal isn’t available.  T-Mobile’s is also integrated into the phone and is free — see where I am going here?  AT&T has a ways to go.

2. If you are travelling internationally and don’t want to get hit with International roaming fees.  Using Wifi saves some money here.

3. If for whatever reason, your Verizon or Sprint long distance calling service is too expensive.

4. International users may be able to get better rates f they can provide AT&T with an acceptable credit card.

Just think, a few years ago VoIP apps were being blocked and now the Telcos are doing it themselves.  Full App info below: