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Review: WorkFit-P by ErgoTron – An easy transition to a sit or standing desk


You’ve probably heard about the benefits of a standing desk. According to some studies, sitting on your rump for even 3 hours a day is incredibly unhealthy. Some even call it slow suicide. While the jury is still out on how bad it really is, let’s just agree to agree that standing for at least part of your desk work day is beneficial to your health.

But are you going to scrap your old desk assuming that you can just immediately stand for your whole 8-hour work day? That probably feels like a big step and somewhat risky (and sitting down sometimes isn’t going to kill anyone). It did to me.

So that’s why I was excited to try out the ErgoTron WorkFit-P standing desk.  It isn’t a special desk but instead an attachment for your current desk that allows to raise your MacBook Pro/Air when you want and then lower it again when you want to sit. If your monitor is adjustable like mine, you can also just put your keyboard and mouse on it and work standing up or better yet, put your monitor on an ErgoTron too.

Need to go back to a traditional desk? It also gets out of the way when you don’t need it.  Here’s how it works… Expand