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Tweetbot for iPhone adds Avenir font option, thumbnail and filter toggles, more

In its first update since December of last year, Tweetbot for iPhone  (review) is newly updated with a few additional features in version 3.3 today.

Joining the system font of Helvetica is an option to use Avenir found in the app settings. Additional features include toggles for image preview size (larger or disabled) and improvements to list filtering as well as standard bug fixes.

Tweetbot for iPhone is $4.99 on the App Store. Version 3.3 is a free update to Tweetbot 3 users.

(Now we’re hoping the time between updates means progress on Tweetbot for iPad is well under way!)

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Apple adds Avenir typeface to iOS 6 in Maps

Apple seems to now feature the Avenir typeface in iOS 6.

An interesting Reddit discussion popped up about the discovery of the font in both Maps and Siri, check it out:

Avenir is completely new to iOS, because it does not appear in Apple’s font list for earlier versions of the mobile operating system. According to, designer Adrian Frutiger first released the sans-serif typeface nearly 25 years ago.

What do you think of the typography choice?