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‘ At Bat 2012’ breaks 3 million downloads; 800,000 streams a day

As we noted in February, “ At Bat 2012” launched to bring baseball fanatics scores, news, and analysis for free. The app also includes an in-app subscription of $14.99 (or $2.99 a month) that provides in-game audio. However, if you are a huge fan, you can pay the $120 a year subscription for in-game video.

MLB’s Advanced Media office announced today (via GigaOm) that the app reached 3 million downloads just a week into the MLB’s 2012 season. Seeing a ton of success, the 2012 version of the app was the top sports app on both iOS and Android for the past few weeks. There were also 800,000 audio and video live streams combined every day. It took four months for those numbers to be reached last season.

“ at Bat” is definitely a unique app, providing its fans with fair prices to follow their favorite teams. The NBA also offers a similar app for free with in-app subscription, so you can watch all the league’s games. The MLB and NBA also both have an app available on the Apple TV that allows you to watch games if you pay for each respective subscription.

The new user-interface and in-app purchase model is most likely why the MLB app is off to a great start. Moreover, with 800,000 streams going a day, it looks like a good majority of those 3 million users are paying for the app.