$25 million “Leap Fund” announced for Leap Motion app developers

One of the investors backing Leap Motion, the company behind the 3D gesture control hardware coming out on July 22, today announced a new $25 million fund to support the development of third-party apps for the platform (via CNET):

The Leap Fund was designed so that HCP can invest in promising technologies and companies utilizing Leap Motion’s technology. Given that that technology has obvious applications across a wide range of industries, from gaming to medical to architecture and beyond, it’s easy to imagine any number of potential investments for the fund. Highland also plans on offering mentorship and other advice to those receiving money through the Leap Fund, and Leap Motion and Highland together plan to be involved in “joint community activities to help foster innovation and entrepreneurship around Leap Motion’s technology platform,” they said in a release.

As a reminder, we went hands on with the Leap Motion controller a couple times already and enjoyed the experience.