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Spring Forward livestream

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How to watch Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ Apple Watch live stream in your timezone … adjusted for DST


If you’re planning to watch the livestream of today’s Spring Forward event, be careful you don’t get caught out by daylight savings time! You may think you know what time 10am California time is in your country, but the time difference changed yesterday, hence Apple’s name for the event.

The USA put its clocks forward one hour as it started daylight savings time over the weekend, but the UK and the rest of Europe haven’t yet made the switch, meaning the difference between local time and Cupertino time has changed by an hour.

So, if you’re watching from the UK or Europe, here’s the time the event starts:

  • UK: 5pm (7 hrs ahead of CA)
  • Central European Time (most European countries): 6pm (8 hrs ahead of CA)
  • Eastern European Time (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Crete): 7pm (9 hrs ahead of CA)
  • Russia: 8pm (10 hours ahead of CA)

If you’re based elsewhere, use an online timezone site to double-check you know what time 10am PT is in your country, or ask Siri what time it is in Cupertino.

You can check out what we’re expecting to see, and we’ll of course be bringing you full coverage of all the news.