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watchOS 2 beta 5

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watchOS 2 Beta 5 adds Paris timelapse, 70 second screen-on, Quick Play to Apple Watch


After a series of relatively small beta-to-beta updates, Apple’s release today of the fifth beta of watchOS 2.0 contains a series of legitimately interesting new features. One of the additions is a brand new Timelapse watch face featuring the Eiffel Tower in Paris, bringing to six the total number of time-lapse videos, as well as a considerable change in Timelapse’s behavior.

Apple has also added a new option to keep the screen awake for 70 seconds after it’s tapped (versus a default setting of 15 seconds), and a new Quick Play feature to speed up music playback through a connected iPhone.┬áMore details on what’s new in watchOS 2.0 Beta 5 are below… Expand