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Unhappy with the Apple Watch battery life? The new Withings Go activity tracker offers 8 months between charges …


While I personally find that the Apple Watch comfortably gets me through a full day except when travelling between time-zones involves 20-hour days, some are vocal in their complaints about battery-life. There could be no such complaints about the Withings Go, the company’s latest activity and sleep tracker: the company says that it can last for up to eight months between charges.

The secret? An e-ink display. E-ink screens use no power to display data, simply sipping tiny amounts of power when the display changes.

For walking and running, the device analyzes number of steps, distance covered, calories burned as well as the duration of the running session. Go is also water-resistant (5 ATM) and automatically recognizes when the user starts swimming. At night, Go analyzes and can distinguish between light and deep sleep cycles. Withings Go connects to the free Withings Health Mate iOS and Android application that acts as a personal coach to track and motivate users to achieve their own activity goals.

Of course, the Withings Go is no substitute for an Apple Watch, displaying only an activity percentage dial or analog watchface – and there’s no heart-rate sensor. But if you want a wear-and-forget basic activity tracker, this might be just the thing you’re after.


The Withings Go will cost $69 when it goes on sale sometime this quarter. If you can’t wait until then, you get a similar battery-life from the company’s existing smart-looking Activite Pop Smart Watch – which is an analog watch with a mechanical activity dial. This normally costs $149.95 but is currently on sale at Amazon for $99.99.