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Apple updates OS X malware definitions for new fake-installer/SMS trojan


MacRumors noted today that Apple is utilizing the automatic daily checks for malware definitions it implemented last year to block an OS X trojan horse discovered earlier this week. The trojan was originally detailed in a blog post on Dr. Web. Known as “TrojanSMSSend.3666”, Apple has now updated its “Xprotect.plist” blacklist to allow OS X to detect and alert the user if downloaded:

Apple has moved quickly to address the threat, adding definitions for the malware to its “Xprotect.plist” blacklist, which is part of the basic anti-malware tools Apple launched with OS X Snow Leopard in 2009. In its original incarnation, users were required to update definitions manually, but as malware threats against OS X grew, Apple last year instituted automatic daily checks to keep users’ systems updated.