Tim Cook rejects NCPPR proposal to end environmental programs for increased profit, suggests group sell stock

Photo: mashable.com

Photo: mashable.com

Apple CEO Tim Cook rejected a propsal from a representative of the National Center for Public Policy Research during today’s shareholder meeting. The proposal would have required the tech company to disclose the cost of any environmental initiatives it engaged in and end those that could take away from the company’s bottom line.

Cook reportedly became angry at the question, telling the representative that financial gain was not the purpose of ensuring environmental responsibility, saying, “If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.” Cook also pointed out that making devices accessible for disabled users does not necessarily lead to increased revenue, but that doesn’t stop the company from searching for new ways to do so.

The measure was voted down by shareholders by a margin of just over 97 percent.

Whether the think-tank will take Cook’s advice is yet to be seen, but it’s clear Cook does not intend to take theirs.

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  1. Bryan Nelson Elder - 9 years ago

    Thank you, Tim Cook, for sticking to two of Apple’s core principles: Being stewards of the environment in the tech industry, and serving people with disabilities, who often go underserved in this era of technological innovation.

    Just wish I could say the same for your principles on “privacy.”

    • “Just wish I could say the same for your principles on “privacy.””

      You, are confused.

      • Bryan Nelson Elder - 9 years ago

        Apparently there’s confusion when it’s clear that Apple neglected a potential backdoor for the NSA to hack into an innocent person’s device to commit Unconstitutional wiretapping/spying. Apple should know better than this.

        What scares me is if the gotofail error wasn’t unintentional.

    • Apple have been as transparent as they legally are able to be. They are under a Gag order by the NSA! They are protesting to the United States government so they can be more transparent.
      Who else is doing that?

    • Yeah, “privacy” should be shared more openly with regards to environmental issues. Apple wasn’t always such good stewards as you say, they were openly criticized for being the opposite. Thankfully Apple changed this and thats a good thing.

      • Bryan Nelson Elder - 9 years ago

        My comment on privacy regards the backdoor that Apple left open for the NSA through the SSL/gotofail error. The NSA’s own documents showed they included Apple in their spying repertoire. Luckily, Apple did what they could to fix the SSL hack on iOS and OS X. As a user of both, this debacle seriously concerns me and makes me more cautious over using my devices in the future.

      • Dave Huntley - 9 years ago

        @elder Are you really suggesting that the NSA careless with tweets like ‘I am home soon’ or shopping on an ipad for a new bike? Do you really think you are usch a huge target for the gov’t? I realize people watch all these movies nowadays, but a condition from 50 years ago still exisits today – it’s called paranoia – and it’s always completely unfounded.
        Maybe you should check with a shrink, since using an iphone makes you overly cautious..

        It’s one thing to have principles, which you fail to mention below, but unless you’re a militant muslim or criminal why would anyone care less about you ?

    • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

      >>Just wish I could say the same for your principles on “privacy.”

      You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    • Liya Lomi Swift - 9 years ago

      Apple has a major clean up job to do after that debacle over their manufacturing practices in China. I think they stopped being stewards of the environment years ago (if they ever were). Nevertheless, yes, I’m happy Cook stood his ground. Perhaps it’s more than a PR stunt.

      • Dave Huntley - 9 years ago

        Apple has zip to do over China manufacturing, other companies are far worse and the same contractors also build for everyone else, Samsung too. Apple runs its audits, is in line with the law – your beef is with China’s commie gov’t. They are the ones who have to enforce more, but the country is awash in pollution – so they likely won’t – 2 years ago pollution didn’t officially exist in China – so be thankful you don’t live there. I was there last fall, amazing how the place is so toxic. But you cannot pin that on Apple.

  2. kafantaris2 - 9 years ago

    “We do a lot of things for reasons besides profit motive. We want to leave the world better than we found it.”
    If you don’t like it, “get out of the stock.”
    Steve Jobs could have said it no better.

  3. Scott Rose - 9 years ago

    Go Tim!!!!

  4. Brett Huhn - 9 years ago

    What would OTHER companies do? Probably NOT what Tim did. Tim is “Da Man”

  5. Hal Summers (@halhiker) - 9 years ago

    Great response.

  6. Philip Mark Deazeta - 9 years ago

    Rejected a proposal

  7. Jim Phong - 9 years ago

    Instead of babbling about environmental nonsense Tim Cook should think about the mess he did with the atrocious iPhone 5C at an insane price. And Jony Ive nonsense crappy designs and colors on iOS7 and the Mac Pro.
    If Steve Jobs was still alive he would have fired both Cook and Ive immediately now.

    • Omar Sharif - 9 years ago

      This is the first time I see someone hating the Mac Pro
      I think you were drunk when you wrote your comment

    • rahhbriley - 9 years ago


    • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

      Shut up and go away, you worthless pathetic idiot.

    • standardpull - 9 years ago

      Leave the poor kid alone. His mom wouldn’t buy him an iPhone 5C, so he lashes out. I was once much the same, but I’ve matured now that I’m in high school.

    • focher - 9 years ago

      Thankfully we have Jim Phong, anonymous Internet poster, who has extensive experience in the industry and a track record of successful product design, operational expertise, and executive management to save Apple from the people who took Apple from the brink of bankruptcy to the most valuable successful company in the world.

      How can people not agree that the Internet is the greatest thing ever invented?

  8. lefthandedphoto - 9 years ago

    One more reason why Tim Cook is the right man to lead Apple. A man of genuine principle and strong backbone.

  9. Gregory Wright - 9 years ago

    “Just wish I could say the same for your principles on “privacy.””

    Not sure what your point is Bryan where compliance with a court subpoena or court order is not optional.

  10. Oflife - 9 years ago

    Good on you Tim! Stick it to those evil people stuck in their selfish inconsiderate ways.

  11. paulnielsensql - 9 years ago

    Profit is not evil. A company can not survive without profits. Profit pays for innovation. And it’s good to see that Tim can make a profit while still being good corporate citizen. Good job Tim.

  12. Roman Levit - 9 years ago

    The whole NCPPR thing was about right wing ideology and nothing more. Simply politics. Glad to see the shareholders ignored the trolls.

  13. Ian Grant - 9 years ago

    I think it shows two things about the “think” tank: they don’t understand Apple and they really don’t have a clue about Apple’s customer-base – those folk *love* Apple for striving to be a better company.

  14. juancastim135 - 9 years ago

    Now that’s corporate responsibility taking action, good thing Cook has it clear in his head

  15. Jamie Balfour - 9 years ago

    Well said Tim!

  16. Kevweb (@kweb75) - 9 years ago

    Come on Cook. Your job it to make the best products, and increase the value of the stock for the share owners, not spend throw away money on social causes.

    • Laurence Sevilla - 9 years ago

      You, sir, are a babbling buffoon.

      • Ian Grant - 9 years ago

        Where is that “Wow! FAVORITE!!!” button? :-)

    • focher - 9 years ago

      Wrong. It is patently false that CEOs have a legal obligation to “increase the value of the stock for the shareholders”. There’s no legal precedent for that premise. It’s just a made up fiduciary duty that doesn’t really exist.

    • Brett Huhn - 9 years ago

      What a jerk.

    • Rob Dowdy - 9 years ago

      Protecting the environment is a “social cause”? And here I thought it was more a practical matter of trying not to shit where you sleep.

  17. standardpull - 9 years ago

    If NCPPR was looking for ROI based on their investment in Apple, they screwed up very, very badly.

    As a small politically-motivated non-profit group, they likely have very little in terms of direct or indirect investment in Apple. Their travel costs to the shareholder meeting likely far exceeded the value of NCPPR holdings in Apple.

    It is likely that NCPPR challenged Cook either exclusively for their own publicity.

  18. Good for him!

  19. Ross Chandler - 9 years ago

    Nice one. This will help not hinder Apple.

  20. anon - 9 years ago

    Tim Cook layed the smackdown on phony jabroni.

  21. A scumbag group founded by extreme conservatives finally being told to leave is great news.

  22. Osnaldo Vergara - 9 years ago

    Wow. Thank you Tim Cook

  23. Osnaldo Vergara - 9 years ago

    To all of you nay Sayers stick to the subject. And the topic for today is a man standing for his and his company’s beliefs.

  24. TechPeeve (@TechPeeve) - 9 years ago

    Wow!! Apple is so much more than company that charges extreme margins for extreme profits!! Oh wait, no, they are just that indeed. Except they have a billion faithful lemmings up there ass who think Apple is somehow different than an Exxon ,Enron, BP or GE. Here is a list of what you get for your devotion to this corporate giant:


  25. James Vader - 9 years ago

    Bravo Tim! Go get them!

  26. Steffen Jobbs - 9 years ago

    Tim Cook might just as well told every big investor of Apple on Wall Street to sell their stock and I have no doubt they’ll take to punishing Apple stock for him taking this reduced-profit stance. Somehow Cook must not realize that there are nearly no investors on Wall Street who care anything at all about the loss of environment and are only interested in quick monetary profits. Tim Cook really isn’t paying any attention as to why Apple stock has been dropped like a hot potato by the institutional funds. Apple’s shareholder value has fallen far below even mediocre tech stocks. Tim Cook has simply tossed more gasoline on an already burning company.

    This seemingly reduced-profit stance will only suck even more shareholder value out of Apple. For a CEO to tell investors to take a hike is a sure way to further alienate Apple from Wall Street. After Tim Cook’s social outburst, shareholders might as well brace themselves for Apple stock to hit new lows while the rest of the stock market soars to new highs. This is just further proof that Apple has no interest at all in attracting large investors or helping current shareholders receive any share gains. That’s quite a unique way to run a publicly traded company, to say the least. It appears Apple is out to ruin shareholders before going private which would be in its own best interests.

    • shazamo - 9 years ago

      I agree, Wall Street does only wish to gain quick profits, and while your comment might be true, somebody has to stand up and say enough. I applaud apple for sticking up for their beliefs instead of caving in to bullies and ignorant people. The environment is not some social issue that only effects thoughs who believe in it, but it will impact everyone. We are all on this planet, and to think even small changes for the sake of profit won’t hurt, think long term. How people can honestly sit idle and watch it happen appalls me. I get that you may have a religious thing going on, but the rest of us with scientific evidence believe we are destroying the earth, and would ask you to please at least try to see our point. Don’t make fun of people and companies for wanting a better planet. Apple makes a huge profit on its products so revenue is not an issue, and it’s list of toxic chemicals/minerals is far less and getting smaller, while comparing that to others— there is no comparison. *big companies*
      Also the idea that people are pulling out of its stock I don’t think holds much water simply because according to my investment reccomendations appl is one that is a “buy and hold”
      To those naysayers you will soon realize the money is moving to green tech and companies.
      Also apple is coming on top in many tests like enterprise, ecommerce, education, music, digital design, architecture, and many more. Not to mention apple holds almost 100% in tablets, and over 50% in total data consumption, so it is clear who owns their products. I personally have the 5s and MBA ’13 and love them! They work flawlessly- touch-id works everytime for me, and I love my battery in both.
      Also on NSA, anything is possible, they could have been infiltrated by the NSA with coders who allowed such things to slip, or NSA with its multi billion dollar budget might have a few tricks up its sleeve. But I do think Tim cook is telling the truth when he said he had no intentions to work with the NSA.
      Also do everyone a favor, if you don’t have a logical or intelligent argument, please refer to someone who wants their time wasted, not just post hate to proclaim your small minded view point. This is an opinion feed, but with evidence, and well worded responses. Please refrain from indulging in such demeaning and hateful ( not to mention pointless) arguments. I want to engage in great debate- so bring it, I want someone to challenge my post with evidence… Then we’ll start a thread worthwhile!
      Anyway long post
      Apple isn’t doomed… Don’t believe me? Refer to my above statement :)
      P.S Don’t hate

      • shazamo - 9 years ago

        Also people who buy apple stock and products do so for the quality, well paid employees (they are much improved), insourcing, as well as the environment… At least that is why I do.

  27. Kevweb (@kweb75) - 9 years ago

    Come on Tim Cook, lets focus on making great products and increasing the share price of AAPL. Where is my iWatch and new Apple TV?

  28. Enviro Equipment, Inc. - 9 years ago

    Tim Cook is absolutely right. If any shareholder did not like the direction the company is going in, they should sell their interests in the company. However, if Apple Inc.’s stock starts to take a nosedive, I’m sure you would see a lot more shareholders start siding with NCPPR, possibly to the point where Cook would be forced out by the board.

  29. Dave Huntley - 9 years ago

    Apple’s consumer base likes these stands, it makes the brand more appealing. Time and time again it has been shown that Apple buyers are higher income, higher educated – and those are the types who endorse Cook’s philanthropy and politics. So this is good business sense for Apple, as well as being, at least in my eyes, quite sound morally.
    No shareholder will vote down something likely to build their business, this moral principling really does help Apple overall.