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Filipe Espósito is a Brazilian tech Journalist who started covering Apple news on iHelp BR with some exclusive scoops — including the reveal of the new Apple Watch Series 5 models in titanium and ceramic. He joined 9to5Mac to share even more tech news around the world.

He currently uses an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air (3rd gen), M1 MacBook Air, and AirPods Max.

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Opinion: It’s time for Apple to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3

apple watch series 3 models

Apple Watch Series 3 was announced in September 2017 alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and while it didn’t come with a new design, Series 3 brought important enhancements, like a faster processor and the cellular version. Nearly four years later, Series 3 is still available in stores — but perhaps it’s time for Apple to discontinue it for good.

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Apple banned Shadow app after Microsoft used it as an example to get xCloud for iOS approved

Microsoft tried to launch its xCloud game streaming service on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users, but Apple rejected the app due to its strict guidelines. Now emails revealed in the Epic vs. Apple trial on Wednesday show that Apple even removed a similar app from the App Store after its existence was mentioned by Microsoft.

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Clubhouse downloads plummet to 900,000 in April as competition grows

Clubhouse quickly became a huge success earlier this year, reaching over 8 million downloads in the iOS App Store in February. However, as the competition grows, things are not going well for the audio-based social network. A new report claims that the app registered around 900,000 downloads in April, dropping from a peak of 9.6 million downloads three months ago.

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Kuo: Apple expected to ship 20 million units of first foldable iPhone in 2023

Foldable iPhone everything we know

Back in March, reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple is working on its first foldable iPhone that is supposed to be introduced in 2023. In a new investor note shared on Monday obtained by 9to5Mac, Kuo reinforces the rumors about a foldable iPhone, now saying that the company expects to ship up to 20 million units of this model in its first year of sales.

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Report: 10,000 apps have already enabled App Tracking Transparency; most of them are games

The long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature became available to iPhone and iPad users this week with the release of iOS 14.5, and users can now opt out of being tracked by third-party apps. Now, app analysis firm AppFigures has revealed some statistics on the adoption of this feature.

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Alibaba is concerned about how Apple’s new privacy policies will affect its business

With the release of iOS 14.5 and the App Tracking Transparency feature, multiple companies that have ad-based businesses have been getting concerned as Apple’s privacy policies now let users opt-out of being tracked by third-party apps. Last week, Alibaba Group invited some marketing executives to discuss what to do about the changes introduced with iOS 14.5.

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Leaked Facebook memo reveals how advertisers will be impacted following iOS 14.5 release

Apple finally introduced iOS 14.5 this week, which comes with the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature to prevent third-party apps from tracking users across the web. Since the announcement of this feature, Facebook has been complaining about the impact this option will have on its business model, and now a leaked company memo reveals how advertisers will be affected.

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Apple tried to help Adobe bring Flash to iOS, but the results were ’embarrassing’

Following the depositions of former Apple head of software engineering Scott Forstall in the Epic vs. Apple case, we’ve come to learn some interesting details about the early days of the iPhone and the App Store. Now Forstall has revealed that Apple once considered letting Adobe bring Flash to iOS, but the results were “embarrassing.”

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Apple reinforces that App Store was built to protect users as trial against Epic approaches

Apple and Epic Games have been fighting in court after the popular game Fortnite was removed from the App Store in August 2020, but there’s still a lot to come. Both companies are expected to face each other in a trial expected to begin on May 3, and Apple continues to strengthen its arguments to defend the App Store business model.

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iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency toggle mysteriously grayed out for some users

Apple today finally made the new App Tracking Transparency feature available to users, which is part of the newly released iOS 14.5. The new feature lets users opt out of being tracked by third-party apps, but the toggle is grayed out for some users even after installing iOS 14.5 — which has made people confused about how the new feature works.

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