Apple debuts massive Beats 1 advertisement in Times Square ahead of June 30 launch


Ahead of its launch next week, Apple today has launched a new ad for Beats 1 in Times Square in New York City. Zane Lowe, who will be one of three hosts on Apple’s 24/7 streaming station Beats 1, tweeted the above image of the advertisement.

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The promotional image touts that Beats 1 is worldwide and always on, two of the qualities Apple discussed heavily when it unveiled Apple Music at WWDC. What’s weird about the Times Square advertisement, however, is that there is no Apple logo anywhere on the monumental display. There’s only a Beats logo, albeit slightly modified, the “Worldwide. Always on.” tagline, and the June 30th launch date. It’s a risky move by Apple not to put its logo on the advertisement, but doing so definitely causes curiosity from uninformed people who pass by.

Earlier this month, Apple started playing a pre-roll audio clip from Zane Lowe for iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 users who clicked the Beats 1 station in the music app. Apple Music, along with Beats 1, will launch on June 30th for $9.99 individual/$14.99 family per month.

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  1. charismatron - 8 years ago

    The complete absence of Apple branding is quite an intriguing strategy for the company.

    • epicflyingcat - 8 years ago

      And no clue on how to access it either. No mention of Apple Music at all. Pretty useless ad to be honest.

      • rogifan - 8 years ago


      • o0smoothies0o - 8 years ago

        Apple Music and beats one are not the same thing though. Non subscribers can listen to beats one.

      • frikova - 8 years ago

        There’s no clue on how to access it because you can’t access it right now. This is a kind of teaser ad, they’ll let people know how to access it when it is actually available.

      • sewollef - 8 years ago

        You don’t work in advertising do you…..

      • irelandjnr - 8 years ago

        Don’t question Apple’s marketing. They know a thing or two.

      • criterion1989 - 8 years ago

        Actually, the Ad isn’t useless. If people are really that interested in it, they will look it up themselves.

        Are we so dull that we need a clear and plain explanation of how to access something always?

        No. Plus as mentioned below, it isn’t even out yet. The AD isn’t “useless”

    • thisisasticup - 8 years ago

      Considering it’s a video billboard chances the next frame is of the apple music branding.

  2. oakie - 8 years ago

    “It’s a risky move by Apple not to put its logo on the advertisement, but doing so definitely causes curiosity from uninformed people who pass by.”

    Beats One Radio will be available on both iPhone and Android. some Android users are fanboys who simply dislike Apple. leaving out their name and logo helps to present Beats Radio as “platform agnostic,” and will cause EVERYONE to look out for it no matter the phone they have. adding an Apple logo would cause the average Android user to assume it’s not for them and would severely diminish Apple’s reach.

  3. tigerpork - 8 years ago

    Can someone tell me what’s the difference between beats 1, apple music, and itunes radio? Confused.

    • Jonny - 8 years ago

      Here’s my best attempt – without having used it and attempting to piece together a bunch of stories:

      Apple Music is the name given to the whole service/application. Included in Apple Music is a streaming service and a radio service (and your music tags along with the streaming service.

      – Beats 1: a live radio station hosted by DJs around the world
      – What we used to call iTunes Radio.. basically genre stations/Pandora style stations

      – A combo of your music and the streaming library for on-demand listening
      – Curated playlists from music magazines/blogs/people

      I’m not sure how iTunes Match will work. The Apple Music page does mention iTunes Match and Apple Music are independent but complimentary. The same page also says with a membership (paid) your entire library lives in iCloud. My guess is that you can get iTunes Match and just use the radio portion of Apple Music (Beats 1, iTunes Radio) OR you can get Apple Music and it effectively replaces the iTunes Match component.

      I’m just basing this on my best-guesses.

    • chrisl84 - 8 years ago

      Beats 1 is going to be nonsense no one listens to, iTunes radio is what most everyone will listen to, and Apple Music is what few will listen to after 3 month free trial is up…..

      • o0smoothies0o - 8 years ago

        Ahahah few will listen to. That’s good. There will be an insane number of subscribers.

      • chrisl84 - 8 years ago

        They will all run back to FREE spotify and Rdio once the free trial is up. The economy sucks people dont need to piss away more money every month. Believe what you want, because YOU will subscribe doesnt mean everyone else will.

      • o0smoothies0o - 8 years ago

        Let us know how you feel when you see subscription numbers in the fall or WWDC 2016. They will be absurdly large. Probably 50 million at least.

      • chrisl84 - 8 years ago

        In you dreams, Apple caves and has a free tier ad supported in two years. Its Apples only prayer to compete. Most people, myself included, will enjoy the free three months and run right back to my established Spotify accounts free tier and only purchase the paid tier for the random months when I am going on a road trip or similar event. If people had disposable income to blow on music every month they would have been buying from iTunes yet sales continue to go down. You act like Apple hasnt been selling music this whole time, well they have been and it continues to nose dive because people are not paying for what is already FREE elsewhere.

      • Rio (@Crzy_rio) - 8 years ago

        Just like no one listens to the radio right? :P

      • chrisl84 - 8 years ago

        Ummm….No one listens to Beats 1 right now so what are you talking about? I said EVERYONE will listen to iTunes Radio….do you read?

      • o0smoothies0o - 8 years ago

        Hahah Chris knows nothing. What will happen is Spotify will HAVE to stop offering a free tier rather soon. Especially after Apple Music launches. It’s not sustainable, and Spotify hasn’t made a profit yet. They lose massive money for that free tier. They’ll end it, then you’ll have to pay, sorry to break it to you. You say things that are completely clueless… Apple’s music sales have been declining because people would rather pay to stream any music, than purchase music. Hence why Apple is launching Apple Music. Hahah. You really have it all figured out. Not. Enjoy free while you have it, because Spotify will end it in the coming years.

      • Evan - 8 years ago

        “Apple caves and has a free tier ad supported in two years”
        Try: Apple will have a free, ad supported, tier when it launches.
        Inform yourself if you are going to criticize.

      • James Katt - 8 years ago

        If 100 Million people sign up for Apple Music, Apple will bring in $12 BILLION a year in revenue just from the subscription prices alone. Note that that is more than what Hollywood rakes in each year. And that is more than what Video Games make each year. That is a huge bonanza for the music industry that brings it to par with other avenues of entertainment. Obviously, more people will also buy Apple’s hardware as more enter Apple’s ecosystem. It forms part of a virtuous circle for Apple.

  4. epicflyingcat - 8 years ago

    Didn’t realise Apple renamed its iTunes Music Twitter account to Apple Music. Interesting.

  5. The reason that there is no Apple Logo Dates back to Steve Jobs insisting that NO product will be in combination with Apple or its Logo…He’s always wanted it that way . I dont blame him one bit for doing that.

    • irelandjnr - 8 years ago

      TV, Music, Watch

      Yeah, good argument O-0

      • Jamie Gilder - 8 years ago

        I think he might be implying that no [other] product. Just like the iPod(RED) that Bono wanted. But was then changed to Product(RED).

        But, who knows? If I remember rightly, this HUGE billboard is a video billboard which surrounds the Marriott Marquis hotel. Google advertised on this earlier this year.

        Perhaps the advert goes on to explain a little more about it Beats 1?

  6. Charlypollo - 8 years ago

    I don’t see the Apple logo or brand. Therefore this sucks.

  7. proudinfidelusmc - 8 years ago

    I’ll try it out for free, BUT, I know I will not subscribe to it. I KNOW I have no interest in Beats 1 whatsoever. Unless Apple’s DJs are curating Deep House, Tech House, and Techno music playlists, IDGAFOS about their music selection.

    I will continue to listen to iTunes Radio, which will now be called Apple Music radio stations. So for those of us who listen to “free” Radio, nothing is gonna change. We’ll also get Beats 1 for free, the ad-supported radio stations, and view artist content on Connect.


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