Review: Should you buy Apple’s 6th Generation iPod touch? (Video)


Today we’re taking a look at Apple’s 6th generation iPod touch for 2015 and determining whether or not it’s worth the money. It’s been a while since the iPod touch has been refreshed and even though it’s a minor one, this time around it brings along some important changes. If you’ve had Apple’s iPod touch on your must-have gadget list, there are a few things you need to know…

The packaging is exactly the same and you won’t find much inside, but getting into the box, we have the 6th generation iPod touch front and center. Lifting the paper flap beneath will reveal the included accessories. As expected, we have a quick start guide, two Apple stickers, a USB to Lightning cable, and Apple’s EarPods.

As you can probably tell, the design has remained almost exactly the same this time around, but Apple has added a few new color variations to the mix and taken out the strap option. You can pick up the iPod touch in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Pink, Blue, and Product Red and are all currently available on Apple’s Online Store.

This iPod shipped with iOS 8.4 and comes along with Apple Music as well. Most of Apple’s updates to this iPod happened on the inside, but there are a couple of external changes to mention. First off, if you were hoping for a larger display, that didn’t happen. We still have the same 4-inch display here with a resolution of 1136 x 640. On the back side, Apple has updated the camera quality quite a bit.

Check out our unboxing, review, and comparison video below:

There’s an 8-megapixel camera that’s in line with the one we saw on the iPhone 5s and can shoot up to 120 frames per second Slo-Mo video at 720p. The last generation shipped with a 5-megapixel rear shooter, so this is definitely a welcomed upgrade. Another change here may be seen as a downgrade to some, but Apple has ditched its Loop accessory and the metal connector that used to pop up on the lower back side.

Internally, Apple has included the A8 processor, M8 motion co-processor, and Bluetooth 4.1 to power the iPod touch. What does that mean for you? Performance and a ton of it. This iPod touch is now roughly on point with the iPhone 6 (smaller amount of pixels to push vs. stepped down A8 processor). Performance is great and it kicks the crap out of the 5th generation iPod touch when you compare the benchmark scores (shown in the video above). There’s no contest. Everything is buttery smooth and thanks to the 1GB of RAM inside you can do more at the same time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 1.44.02 AM

Inside of the box

Battery life should be roughly the same as the last generation, but that’s still pretty good. Unfortunately, Apple decided not to include NFC and the Touch ID home button for Apple Pay and unlocking the device, and/or using for in-app purchases like some iPad models. It’s not a complete deal breaker though as I assume that would have driven up the price.

This iPod touch comes in 16, 32, 64, and even 128 GB storage configurations, but who’s it for and which one should you buy? If you have an iPhone it’s not really worth owning, but for anyone else it’s a great way to get familiar with the iOS ecosystem. This makes a perfect portable gaming device, and it’s great for movies, music, browsing the web and any other media related task. It’s not perfect, but finally the iPod touch is on the same performance level as Apple’s other iOS devices and I think a lot of people can appreciate that. Based on the performance and camera improvements alone, I’d say this iPod touch is worth having, but only if you don’t already have an iPhone.


If you’re in the market to purchase an iPod touch, there are a couple of routes you can go. Apple’s base model (16GB) starts at $199 and is a very easy buy for anyone curious about using iOS or a low entry price for those worried about breaking an expensive off-contract iPhone. Most of size capacities (16, 32, 64GB) steps up in $50 increments with the exception of the $100 jump to the 128GB model which comes in at $399. Your best bet is to stick with either a 16 or 32GB model. This will keep money in your pocket for the same experience, but it really depends on what you’ll be using it for.e a

One other option to compare against: The similarly equipped iPhone 5s can now be found in the $300s and offers everything that the current iPod does but with LTE radios and GPS. An iPhone 5 or 5c can be found around the same $200 starting point and you get the same camera, screen and slightly slower performance.

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  1. Buying a 16GB device is like lighting your money on fire. 16GB devices are virtually unusable regardless of how many apps you put on them. Within weeks/months they will be full of “other” data and you will have essentially a brick. Unable to update other software, unable to do system updates, unable possibly to restore a backup unless you wipe the whole phone first.

    Wait until the fall and buy an iPhone. Let the iPod line die, the touch has always been a second-class citizen and will be cut off again at the knees when Apple stop updating the OS long before they do for old iPhones.

    • J.latham - 8 years ago

      Ugh, not true. I have a 16GB iPhone 6. Have had it since launch. Still have 4GB free. Not a lot of space but more then enough.
      I do have to clear out the cache from Apple Music every once and while (as it doesn’t on its own) but I think that is a big with iOS 9 Beta.

    • daitenshe - 8 years ago

      What a wildly untrue statement. Just because you use it a certain way, it doesn’t mean everyone else does. I would even say most people would be able to use it just fine. I have a 16gb phone and, while I wish I had got the 32, it works perfectly fine for myself. I download apps and movies and audiobooks constantly as well.

    • galley99 - 8 years ago

      The 16 gigger would be a great device for someone interested only in Apple Music.

    • D.A.H. Trump - 8 years ago

      *Sigh* It’s you people again. The people who want to cut off devices simply because YOU don’t use it.
      I’m a college student on a budget. I don’t own a phone, I own an iPod Touch 5 (32 GB), however, for 2 years. I make important calls on it through apps, use it for flashcards, update social accounts, etc. I have an iPad and I use my iPod Touch 5 more often.

      While it seems underpowered to you, this has been my go-device for a while and still is! The only issue I find with it is that newer apps (more specifically gaming apps) are taking full advantage of the software for the iPhone 6 and since the iPod Touch 5 does not have the hardware, it will most likely get phased out, which is a good reason for bringing in the iPod Touch 6.

      iPod Touch was long called the iPhone without the Phone. It’s almost like having an unlocked iPhone obviously with some limits. The device is capable, and just because you can’t find use for it, doesn’t mean others won’t.

    • turtle351 - 8 years ago

      So true. My apple device is 32GB and I’m consintaly running out of space. I take so many photos and have a lot of music and games my iPod can’t keep up. Next I would invest in something more like a 64GB device

    • Peter Hillman - 7 years ago

      Bruno is nothing but ignorant and completely stupid. The iPod touch with A8 will run the same OS as long as an iPhone 6. The iPod line has been extremely successful for Apple over the years, and Apple sold over 14M iPods last year. Even an iPad 2 with A5 will run iOS 9, so hardly being cut off. He is so stupid, he doesn’t even know how to manage space on the device.

    • lefthandedphoto - 7 years ago

      So wrong. I have an older iPod Touch with only 8GB and can load plenty of app and hundred of tunes. If you’re on a budget, 16GB is fine.

    • Shawna Christine - 7 years ago

      I would never buy an Iphone so saying ‘just let it die’ is really obnoxious. They aren’t ever going to ‘let the ipod die’ because they are well aware plenty of people don’t buy their phones but WILL buy their iPods. I’m an android user, always have been and always will be but I don’t like bogging up my phone with tons of music so I have an iPod for that reason alone. Stop being pretentious

    • Jesse Chenoweth - 7 years ago

      My problem is I am not going to let go of my zune 120 gb and I had mine at about 90GB full of music and still had about 100 gb more music to go lol. 16 GB wouldn’t be nerely enough to satisfy my need to have ALL of my music in one place at a time. I am going to need the next two up from that to be anywhere near happy enough.

  2. PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

    Not including a power adapter is utterly ridiculous. I mean, for the Shuffle it’s okay as that one needs to be synced over USB anyway. But it is my understanding that this iPod touch can sync over WiFi and therefore really ought to have a power brick. All this in order to get the BoM down? Apple, really?

    • trinities - 8 years ago

      Lol and the power brick costs less than $1 from chinese websites anyway – apple is really trying to squeeze every penny out of it.

    • standardpull - 8 years ago

      The last thing this world needs is another 10 million USB power adapters that will stay in their box until they’re landfilled

      What? You don’t have at least 10 USB power adapters all over your house? Luddite.

    • Peter Hillman - 7 years ago

      Phil, are you incapable of plugging it into your Mac to charge it? Are you that lazy? Wi-Fi sync pretty much sucks anyway.

      • PhilBoogie - 7 years ago

        Now that I finally have a dock again for my iPhone I usually charge it while synching. Yes, WiFi sync sucks big time. But an adapter really ought to be included, many people simply have one large iPhone and nothing else computer-wise.

      • Shawna Christine - 7 years ago

        I literally don’t know anyone who doesn’t own some kind of computer. At all….wtf

  3. Alex Moran - 8 years ago

    Why bother taking the advise of a person who complained that his apple watch didn’t track his activity properly. After stating that he did not calibrate it. The day after that faithful podcast I gave up on this guys channel and happy hour

  4. dcj001 - 8 years ago

    “As expected, we have … Apple’s EarPods.”

    But they are not the same Earpods as the ones that are included with the iPhone. Right?

    • galley99 - 8 years ago

      As I recall, they don’t have inline controls.

    • I think their the same but because Apple is being cheap they don’t have an inline remote to control the volume and play / pause / skip music.

      • dcj001 - 8 years ago

        Then they’re (they are) not the same.

      • avalontroiola - 7 years ago

        ^ ROASTED!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

  5. Lapsusone (@Lapsusone) - 8 years ago

    Is Pay really «near impossible to use without a constant network connection »? I mean a connection is not obligatory for in-stores purchases right?

    • twelve01 - 8 years ago

      No network connection is needed. If I’m out for a walk, i will typically leave my phone at home. Still able to pick up a Starbucks and groceries using passbook and Apple pay. Both function in airplane mode on the phone as well.

      • twelve01 - 8 years ago

        Referring to the watch in the first part

  6. nightskysurfer - 8 years ago

    Nice write up!

    Have to disagree with two things!

    1. “If you have an iPhone it’s not really worth owning, but for anyone else it’s a great way to get familiar with the iOS ecosystem”

    Lots of people have old iPhones and want to upgrade, but be off contract. Others combine cheap pay-as-you-go flip phones with their iPhones. Still others are using old iPhones as iPod Touches and want to upgrade!

    2. “One other option to compare against: The similarly equipped iPhone 5s can now be found in the $300s and offers everything that the current iPod does but with LTE radios and GPS.”

    Oh, boy! This is a big whopper! Your link is to an eBay “Buy It Now” for a 16 GB (!) iPhone 5s for $375! That’s nowhere near a 16GB IPT 6G, in fact, it’s almost double the price!

    A 32GB IPT can be had NEW for only $250!

    Your 5/5C comparison makes more sense– but it’d still be new vs. old!

    Yet, GPS, battery life, and built in speaker volume may tilt the balance to the old device– if you can get warranty coverage (often eBay sales include Square Trade full, accident, damage warranties for not much money).

  7. nightskysurfer - 8 years ago

    One other observation that tilts the scales towards the iPhone– it comes with a power adapter!!

    • Peter Hillman - 7 years ago

      $19 power adapter vs. $100 monthly fee for an iPhone. Plug the iPod touch into your Mac to charge, no need for a power adapter. You are an idiot to suggest an iPhone over an iPod touch because an iPhone includes a $19 power adapter.

      • nightskysurfer - 7 years ago

        Peter, re-read my two comments! I made the point that the iPod Touch made a whole lot of sense and was a much better deal than an iPhone! In fairness, I also noted that an old iPhone (5 or 5C) was a viable option as it is priced comparably but comes with a GPS, louder speaker, and better battery life– AND that it includes the power adapter!

        Calling someone an “idiot” is really poor manners! It doesn’t help the discussion, and, in this case, it turns out that *you* were the one who misread and misunderstood what was posted! One of my buddies commented that you should look in the mirror!

  8. srgmac - 8 years ago

    Why did they remove the loop? :| That was pretty cool — I don’t see a reason behind removing it..?

    • macmaniman - 8 years ago

      space.. and not many people used it

    • nick (@nicksitruc) - 8 years ago

      No one used it, they thought the iPod would be every kids camera, but it didn’t work out that way. They probably have data on the amount of users that used it and I bet it was less than 0.25% (usually the industry standard for removing a feature).

  9. jkruehne - 8 years ago

    And now something totally different: this packaging would be a perfect style for Apple sport watch
    (better than what they did…)

  10. 2is1toomany - 8 years ago

    “One other option to compare against: The similarly equipped iPhone 5s can now be found in the $300s and offers everything that the current iPod does but with LTE radios and GPS. An iPhone 5 or 5c can be found around the same $200 starting point and you get the same camera, screen and slightly slower performance.”

    The 5s has Touch ID as well and the iPhone 5/5c camera is certainly not the same as on the 5s.

  11. Mimus Polyglottos - 8 years ago

    This is also a great device for people (like me) who boycott expensive data plans. I’ve yet to find myself in a situation where I “need” data; it’s more a nice to have than a must have, so I can usually wait until I’m in a WiFi zone. I live in Canada, which has the second-highest mobile phone plan rates in the world, after Australia, and an iPod Touch provides a good opportunity to have many of the features of a smart phone at a lower cost. But then, if you have a cell phone, you have to carry two devices with you instead of just one. I’ve been debating getting one of these, but I already have an iPad and a cell phone (an ancient Nokia E71 that still works good as new after 7 years). Apart from the much better camera, I can’t really see anything that would justify the cost for me.

  12. Neil Fiertel - 8 years ago

    Maybe I look like Spuck but the earbuds supplied by apple would not even sit in my ears long enough to even touch the screen on my iPhone. A pair of cheap ones for ten bucks worked far better as they were able to plug into the ear canal where they belong…just sayin’ Pple must not have asked me what I thought of their earbud design. If reading this tell them..they suck!

    • One of my ear canals is smaller than the other one due to a birth related incident, and having to lay on one side after birth. Because of that, EarPods, and other hard plastic ear phones. in order for me to use ear phone in both of my ears, I need the earphones with the squishy replaceable rubber tips.

    • nick (@nicksitruc) - 8 years ago

      Actually Apple’s ear buds are the highest quality included ear buds on the market, and are much better than many of the $19.99-$49.99 ear buds that are being sold.

      • I’m absolutely not hating here but I will have to disagree a bit on that… Unless I got a lemon, the EarPods I got with the 5s rendered a very bland tonal range. I replaced them with a 25$ set with foam tips I got from Groupon that are far from being spectacular but enough to put them to shame.
        Also, I have experienced the same issue as almost everyone: They are constantly falling off. I got a better sound a bit by pushing on them with my fingers. But who wants to look like an idiot walking around like that!

      • Shawna Christine - 7 years ago

        dude no those are the worst headphones to ever be made. honestly the sound quality is shit. go out and do yourself a huge favor, buy some skullcandy earbuds. then come back and tell me that those ipod ones are better. i’ll wait

  13. Naver Niva (@NaverNiva) - 8 years ago

    might be good combining both ipod touch 6g + 4G portable hotspot (without contract).

  14. capdorf - 8 years ago

    I disagree that having an iPhone means you don’t need an iPod. I have both, because I can load my iPod with music and my iPhone with apps thus not overloading either and when using my iPod it preserves the battery on my iPhone.

  15. Sacha - 8 years ago

    The iPod touch has a future, it ain’t a big one though. It’s still a good device for those on a budget.

  16. nick (@nicksitruc) - 8 years ago

    You can use Apple Pay without an internet connection.

  17. driverbenji - 8 years ago

    Thank you for not comparing to iPad Mini, some other sites are doing this crazy comparo.

    The problem with the iPhone 5/5c is that it uses a 32-bit processor and, much of the reason for the upgrade in the iPod Touch is to make it work well with games now and in future so they won’t have to update it again for 2-3 years. iPhone 5/5c have the 32-bit A6 processor, so I would not be recommending them, A7 & A8 are 64-bit processors and apple has already told developers they have to make their apps 64-bit…so they will be eventually dropping 32-bit-only apps from app store, likely at the launch of iOS 9. This is the biggest reason for them to update iPod Touch.

    I find BT4.1 interesting. I’ve read 4.1 has less interference w/LTE, so, I guess that means some of my networking issues w/iPhone 6 have to do with BT4.0 interference? It has difficulty at times going from WiFi to LTE…I will have to turn off BT next time this happens, see if that helps. So 6s/6s+ should have BT4.1, let’s hope this solves some networking issues.

  18. Tim Schroeder - 8 years ago

    Seems to me that the 128gb iPod Touch model is the first de facto replacement for the old iPod Classic. I still have one of these, as it is the ONLY Apple device that can hold my entire music library. It stays connected to my car, so I can listen to anything I want whenever I want without using data or wi-fi. Once my Classic finally dies (it’s six years old) I plan to replace it with the 128gb Touch. Unless someone has a better suggestion.

    • Kat Lampkins - 8 years ago

      I’m with Tim. I was contemplating replacing my iPod Classic (mine is 6 years old as well and fading )And would be interesyed in opinons.

    • Peter Hillman - 7 years ago

      It is a great replacement for the iPod classic. Deleting Keynote, Pages, and Numbers frees up another 1GB of storage, giving you about 112GB total storage for music. The flash memory is much faster than the spinning hard drive, and the iPod touch is thinner and lighter than the classic. I would have loved a 256GB iPod touch, but the 128GB model is working great for me. The iPod touch with iOS is more compatible with factory stereos, since the iPod hasn’t had a software update since 2009, and will never have a software update. So that is also something to consider.

  19. melacondour - 8 years ago

    There are several reasons I still carry around my ipod Touch (4th generation) and my iPhone 6. For one thing, living in NYC, it’s less likely to be stolen. Secondly, as someone who’s been an ipod user for a very long time I already have tons of stuff in my iTunes plus my unique playlists. Don’t need any sort of connection to be entertained. Andnyes, it does save my phone’s battery.

  20. Peter Hillman - 7 years ago

    The author/reviewer completely misses the point of the iPod touch. Like other reviewers, they continually compare it to an iPhone and claim no one needs it. Wrong. Yes, the iPod touch runs iOS and can use all the apps in the App Store, but it is also marketed as an iPod, not an iPhone. Many people do not have smartphones, and pay far less money for a regular phone on a pay-as-you-go plan. The iPod touch is a great product for that market. Suggesting an iPhone 5/5S instead of a new iPod touch is ridiculous. The iPod touch with the A8 is significantly faster than an iPhone 5/5S, and the 5/5S was not offered with 128GB storage. The author mentions 128GB storage as a new feature, but fails to point out that all iPhone models before the 6 did not offer 128GB.

    Most people that have an iPhone, have it loaded up with photos, some music, apps/games, video/movies/TV shows. That does not leave much room for a large library of music as a dedicated music player. The author/reviewer fails to recommend the iPod touch as a great replacement to the discontinued iPod classic. There are many people who like to take their music library with them. In the car, vacations, short trips, business trips, etc. That was the purpose of the iPod…take your music wherever you go. The 128GB model is an excellent replacement for the iPod classic. Deleting Keynote, Pages, and Numbers frees up another 1GB of storage, giving you about 112GB total storage for music. It would be nice if we could delete more useless Apple apps, but we can’t. iOS 9 might slim things down, but it is also adding more useless apps (Find my iPhone and Find my Friends). The iPod touch 128GB works great as a dedicated music player. It is thinner and lighter than the iPod classic, and the flash memory is much faster than the spinning hard drive. At $399, the iPod touch 128GB is a great value, especially since the original iPod 5GB was $399 back in the day.

    As a dedicated music player, the iPod touch is perfect for use in the car. Almost all vehicles now have factory USB iPod integration. Obviously the author/reviewer never tested it in the car. I have a Nissan Altima and even though the iPod classic is listed in the owner’s manual as a compatible device, it does not really work well with the USB integration. The stereo indexes the iPod for faster searching through the factory stereo. The iPod classic would crash a lot trying to index. Nissan replaced the stereo, but it was the iPod to blame. It did not seem to work well with a large library, and that was what the iPod classic was designed for. Replacing it with the iPod touch 128GB, which runs iOS and not the outdated iPod software, solved the problem. The iPod touch works flawlessly with no crashing or rebooting. The iPod touch will have current software. The iPod classic has not been updated since 2009, and the software will never be updated. That is a big issue and the iPod classic will eventually become incompatible with integrated systems. The author/reviewer failed to point that out because the review was so basic and one-sided, only comparing it to an iPhone. Not many people pay for unlimited data, so streaming music over Bluetooth is not really an option. Also, relying on cellular (or Wi-Fi) to listen to your own music is stupid. Most prefer local storage so they can listen anytime, anywhere.

    Yes, I have an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB, but I also have the iPod touch 128GB as my dedicated music player with all my music. Reviewers should point out the value of using an iPod touch, rather than bashing it for not being an iPhone.

  21. Syed Shahrukh Ahmad - 7 years ago

    I think that those who are into gaming and music should buy the 32gb version because if the buy the 16 one,they will be crying for space after a few weeks.

  22. Dhananjayan Cp - 7 years ago

    i loking to ipod touch 6th generation 64gb,this is a good or bad decision,or change plan in to iphone 5s or other high end music phones iphone 6 etc.,the apple products best sound in ipods touch deep bass in new headset,is a correct.plese give me a correct answer,my purpose is listening music with jogging,travelling,gym.(i always heared the apple products audio output via headset is more than any smartphones in currently,blackberry passport is a good music)plz,give me best answer in immediately

  23. They are trying to appeal to the preteens. All the preteens want to feel like they have a phone and as a parent i’m NOT buying my 8 year old a phone. However, I will buy her an ipod touch. It’s also a little less money so it’s a good starter point to see if she can even keep track of it without losing it before actually getting a phone. All the kids either have or want one.

  24. iPod touch 6th is very awesome ! !
    Fast processing on par with iPhone5S!