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The first unboxing video for the new Apple TV has already hit the web

While most shoppers won’t be able to get their hands on the revamped, Siri-powered Apple TV until next month, YouTuber Andru Edwards managed to get his hands on one today and has posted the first unboxing video for the new device.

Edwards shows off the included peripherals, including the all-new remote with voice control functions. The video reveals that the remote is actually metal, not plastic, as it appeared to be during the event, and comes with a Lightning cable for charging (which is unfortunately not black to match the Apple TV).

You can check out the full video below the break.



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  1. I want to know how he was able to get one, when it’s not even release yet?! Very cool!!

  2. @tyler_warnecke Possibly Apple’s PR department.

  3. acslater017 - 8 years ago

    Geez…”TV button”…? And that’s not a USB-C cable either.

    • Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

      I assume you mean connector as he never mentions a USB-C Cable. And he’s actually right, that is, in fact, a USB-C connector.

      I share your amazement at him not knowing that’s the Home button though. That irritates me.

      • Henry Johansen - 8 years ago

        No, actually it’s supposed to ship with a USB-C to lightning cable according to some older article in here, which is odd since you’re apparently not allowed to charge you remote from the USB-C connector on the back of the device. I think that is what he is referring to.

      • Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

        Apple’s tech specs just list a standard USB lightning Cable. The USB-C port is listed as for Service and Restore.

  4. Cameron Berkshire - 8 years ago

    how did he get that the developers haven’t even got theres yet?

  5. Marc Päseler - 8 years ago

    it’s amazing!!
    i probably think about to buy it

  6. Povilas Griškevičius - 8 years ago

    For the love of universe ca these people stop asking to like and subscribe. Do a good job and people will without asking for anything. Whiny little bitches.

    • 1nf3cted - 8 years ago

      I understand your point, but there have been many famous YouTubers, including PewDiePie, who is the #1 most subscribed on the website, that have said asking people for likes and subscriptions is actually an effective way at gaining them. Asking people to do subscribe puts it in their mind to actually do so if they enjoyed the content, whereas otherwise, we’d hand to remember to do it ourselves.

  7. So, how do I charge the remote?! The USB-Lightning cable does not seem to be of much use as the box does not have a regular usb port. Or is it a USB-C – Lightning cable after all?

    • taoprophet420 - 8 years ago

      Charge it using a USB port on your TV set.

    • You plug it into your MacBook for example. It needs to be charged once per three months so that’s not that big of a deal.

      • It seems like such an odd choice to deliver a product that cannot be used without a third-party way to charge, especially as a power only usb-c to lightning cable would be sufficient. I bet a lot of people will call support to ask where the regular usb port is. It just doesn’t feel right to charge from a different device (wall power adapters not counting).

    • Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

      Apple is presumably banking on there being a powered USB port available for a short while in your home every few months. Doesn’t really seem like a particularly wild assumption about the home of someone buying the new Apple TV.

  8. taoprophet420 - 8 years ago

    Wish the box had some aluminum on it like the remote.

    • twelve01 - 8 years ago

      Nah it looks nice blacked out. Very discreet

    • Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

      I think they want it to disappear into the background. And a plastic body means better Wi-Fi so it’s worth it for that.

  9. Marc Librescu - 8 years ago

    So far, no one has done a good job explaining why there is a 32GB version and a 64GB version. Is the storage necessary for downloading apps? If so, how would someone know in advance which model would suit their needs?

    • Mike Beasley - 8 years ago

      If you intend to download a lot of apps, go for the larger model. If you want to use fewer apps and mostly stream media, go with the smaller one.

    • Paul Andrew Dixon - 8 years ago

      um…if you had watch their keynotes you would know that the new Apple Tv comes with it’s own TVOS which includes a TV app store… currently apps may not exceed 200mb…but it will also work with apple music and icloud. I’m not sure if they are allowing for physical downloaded copies of music, movies etc or if they will remain a streaming feature… i think you can transfer your own videos and pics…

      if you want to future proof it – get the 64gb… if you have an iphone, check to see how much is filled with apps and how much is music – if you actually have very few apps, then get the 32 gb…

      you can still do airplay…

      oh and there is a 3rd party gaming controller that is compatible too

  10. netputing (@netputing) - 8 years ago

    Curious to see if Google will bring Music and the Movie & TV app to it. This way I will be able to use it instead of the Nexus Player for watching TV. tvOS will be much better that the current Android TV devices as long as 3rd party app from major players like Google find a way to it.

    • Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

      Can’t see why they wouldn’t, they’re on iOS. Though they don’t support AirPlay for some reason as far as I know. Still, it would be silly for them to not make an App for tvOS. It’s not like Android TV is a revenue centre for them.

      • netputing (@netputing) - 8 years ago

        Correct. Google’s position so far with apps has always been to deploy on as many OS as they can instead of sticking to a single one. History will tell if this was wise or not. As a consumer I certainly appreciate it. If Apple allow them to do so then this is a win for all as it will force innovation from all party to stay competitive in the market. With the old AppleTV Apple had the luxury of only allowing Apps they wanted. Notice there was never a Google app in there… Perhaps Google never expressed the interest. Perhaps Apple refused. Perhaps it will be the same on the Apple TV4… Whatever was that cause I hope it will not be the same on tvOS given the new app store.

      • Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

        To be fair, there WAS a Google App on the existing Apple TV software. Its YouTube player is and has always been a key selling point.

  11. Thomas Yoon - 8 years ago

    Still no HDMI cable, huh?

    • jimgramze - 8 years ago

      I don’t think there should be an included HDMI cable. Everyone’s setup is different so everyone will need a cable of a different length. Same with the ethernet cable.

    • scumbolt2014 - 8 years ago

      I don’t know of any blu-ray player that comes with an hdmi cable included. Why should Apple?

      • Thomas Yoon - 8 years ago

        Good points. (I actually never bought a Blu-ray player before, didn’t know)

        It’s just that Apple’s always so “easy to use out of the box” that I was confused as to why they never added one. From what 9to5 has reported too, sounds like the Wi-Fi will match the Ethernet speeds anyways. For the cost, it would be nice to get at least their standard one included. People could upgrade later on if needed.

        Having said all that, HDMI cables are stupid cheap nowadays, like 3 bucks tops on Amazon. What I like about the Apple ones are that they’re sleek, and they don’t bulk up the weight at the connecting ends. I really do hate stiff HDMI cables.

  12. prius3 - 8 years ago

    Why is the new Apple TV so much bigger than the current version, since it uses a chip that is faster but lower power consumption, has only some more RAM and even ditches the optical out?
    And when are we going to get badges on the app icons showing which new content is available (without disturbing Siri) like new email or a list with all new content of what we have subscribed too?

    • Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

      “Why is the new Apple TV so much bigger than the current version, since it uses a chip that is faster but lower power consumption, has only some more RAM and even ditches the optical out?”

      Better Wi-Fi antennae.

  13. Henry Johansen - 8 years ago

    I wonder if the next keynote will bring us a “gamer-version” with 128 gb flash, gigabit ethernet, hdmi 2 and an apple made hardware controller.

  14. I wonder what Apple think of this …

  15. Tony Stark - 8 years ago

    Removing the audio-out port seems like an odd decision, especially now with apple music, i would expect them wanting to have an audio port.
    I guess now you need airplay speakers or an airport express or the entirely weird thing of having to turn on your tv just to send music to your speakers…

  16. Paul Andrew Dixon - 8 years ago

    When I got the previous version of the apple TV it came with a HDMI cable…
    on top of that – surely they should provide a plug adaptor for the lightning cable — not everyone is going to have a laptop conveniently near the TV and i should not be expected to go in search of my laptop or PC for a usb port either… i noticed some suggest that you use a usb port on your TV, well not all TV have them – mine only has 1 usb port and that is being used by my hard drive…apple should also not assume that all apple TV buyers will own an ipad or iphone that comes with a plug — so i guess the solution is that if you wish to charge via the plug, you have to go and purchase one — so already before you get the apple TV you have to by a plug charger AND a hdmi cable… apple are getting cheap…

    • coreylarue - 8 years ago

      The venn diagram of people who are purchasing an Apple TV and people who don’t have access to a separate USB wall adapter (an extra USB-Lightning cable comes in the box) is comprised of two circles that don’t intersect. Including that wall adapter would only increase two things: the cost of the device and the amount of garbage that ends up in the dump.