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New screenshots purportedly show Apple Music for Android ahead of release

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.03.38 PM

New screenshots of what is reportedly the beta version of Apple Music for Android have been published, providing what may be a first look at Apple’s first second foray into app development on Google’s competing mobile platform.

The screenshots, included below, show most of the features users would expect, such as Beats 1 availability and the “For Me” recommendations page. Apple Music Connect, the social network for musicians built into the service, is also included.

Aside from radio streaming, Apple Music for Android includes support for browsing and playing the full Apple Music catalog. Interestingly, Apple has opted to provide some new features that aren’t supported on iOS, such as the ability to change the size of the cache used to store offline music.

In bringing its software to Android, Apple has taken a slightly different approach from Google’s own iOS apps. While Google’s apps attempt to mimic the company’s Material Design principles—even going so far as to include custom-made toggle switches and other elements—Apple relies on UI elements built into Android rather than attempting to recreate the iOS versions of them. The main navigation has even been moved from an iOS-like tab bar to a more Android-friendly slide-out sidebar.

Despite this, the company hasn’t managed to stick completely to Google’s design guidelines and has injected some of its own style into the app. For example, the For Me page almost identically mirrors its iOS counterpart.

The images appear to be legitimate and match up with the design Apple teased during the Apple Music announcement at WWDC this year. Not every feature of the app is shown off in the screenshots below, but you can get a feel for how the app will look and behave from the gallery below.

Apple has said that the Android version of the app will debut in the fall, with many believing it will arrive next month.

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  1. Adam Marsh (@AdamMarsh_) - 7 years ago

    the hamburger nav looks lik such a better way of organising the tabs!

    • rogifan - 7 years ago

      No hamburger menus need to be banished along with ellipses. Unfortunately Apple uses the ellipse all over Apple Music.

      • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hamburger menus. They are easily accessible and a quick way to navigate. On iOS they are a bit out of place as that’s not what most devs use so it is a bit of a change though.

      • amazingrugs - 7 years ago

        What would you suggest instead?

    • rnc - 7 years ago

      Everybody hates hamburger menus. They are so SLOOOW and inaccessible.

  2. i just cant wait to have my music back, now i have to carry 2 phones, an old iPhone 5 and my G4
    i hope Apple lets customers with SD cards select internal or external memory for offline music

  3. Sam (@SirSammySamSam) - 7 years ago

    Hey Look Google! It’s material design. On an apple app. On your platform. Huh. Almost like… They’re conforming to your design guidelines. Like they’re supposed to.

    *coughs* not that you would know anything about sticking to design guidelines. *glares at disgusting mess that is the youtube app on iOS*

  4. Connor Stuart - 7 years ago

    I really hope that Apple follows this by refreshing iTunes for Windows to match Windows UI, as well as being leaner. Having used OS X for ages, going back to Windows has reminded me how bad the UI really is for Windows. OR release a separate Apple Music app for Windows/Windows Phone – lots of people won’t need to use iTunes for their iOS devices any more.

  5. samuelsnay - 7 years ago

    Why is Apple wasting time and resources trying to please a bunch of ungrateful plebs who are just going to turn their nose up at it anyway?

    • mikhailt - 7 years ago

      1. Because not all Android users are the same and many of them prefer Macs to Windows while preferring Android devices to iOS. This will be useful for Android users that want to use Apple Music on both Mac and Android instead of being forced to use a different services.
      2. Choices are better
      3. Apple loses nothing to provide more services to more folks. They can also benefit from more users on their Apple Music, it will give them data and leverage that can help them improve the service for everyone, including iOS and Mac users.

    • Your attitude and response is exactly why Android users even harp on Apple in the 1st place, and you wonder why??

      I’ve been a mac user 10+ years but a Android user since 2009 owned the iphone 5 and 5s both for month ios is a solid platform but still prefer Android, my Nexus 6 and Google’s services in almost every way but thats just my personal preference. Some People like Coke some People like Pepsi.

      Point is Brand Loyalty is not as prominent as you think. Most consumers will use what they feel works best for them. I know a lot of Windows users who use an iphone and I know a lot of Android users who use Mac OSX but one of the Big reasons I use Google’s services is because unlike Apple their apps are cross platform just like many 3rd party apps and in this day and age its quite foolish for Apple to continue to limit their platform and success all because they are stubborn. With that said I have no desire to use Apple Music after trying it out for 3 months on my mac still prefer Spotify and Play Music but I am sure there are many former ios users on Android that would like to be able to use Apple music just as their are many former Android users now on ios who still prefer Play Music or Spotify.

      If your Platform is good then you shouldn’t worry about losing users because of your apps being cross platform. As for Whiny fanboys you will get that on both platforms no matter what. Their are always extremists no matter if you are talking tech, religion, politics ect ect.

      Any who have a nice Day. :)

  6. Even now I can see how many negative comments it will get (without downloading that app) just because it’s from someone better. Remember that migration tool? Insecure Android fans…

  7. crichton007 - 7 years ago

    Funny thing is I kept my Apple Music subscription but may now cancel it. It appears that iTunes Match and Apple Music added to my library use the same 25,000 song cap and I hit it earlier this week. I really like Apple music but I appear to be paying twice to use the same library limit and I’m not sure if I’m down with that.

    • crichton007 - 7 years ago

      Thanks! The thing that really bugs me is that Apple music appears to be counting against my iTunes Match limit. I appear to be paying for one service that is limiting what I can do with the other I’m paying for.

  8. macnificentseven48 - 7 years ago

    But… but… but where’s the Windows Phone version of AppleMusic? I keep hearing about how Windows Phone app numbers are on par with Android and iOS.