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Man arrested in Fifth Ave Apple Store trying to slash prices with real samurai sword (Video)

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Customers and employees at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York had somewhat of an interesting experience today. According to a report from ABC 7 NY, a man entered the store and headed to the iconic clear glass staircase and began waving around a samurai sword while screaming.

He was then escorted out of the building, with Apple Store employees building a wall between him and the customers as a layer of protection. When he was outside in front of the store, the man allegedly went back to screaming and waving around his samurai sword. He was taken into custody by two New York Police Department officers. According to eyewitnesses, right before the man was taken into custody by the NYPD officers, he looked as if he was preparing to harm himself with the sword. The suspect was then taken to a New York City hospital.

The suspect’s name has not been released yet and no one in or around the Apple Store as injured. It’s still unclear at this time what the man’s motives were or if he meant any harm to himself or other shoppers. Apple has not commented on the issue, either.

You can view a video of the suspect waving the sword around inside the Apple Store by heading to ABC NY’s report. View a report from the scene below:

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  1. applegetridofsimandjack - 7 years ago

    What a terrible headline.

  2. Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 7 years ago

    As Gary Busey said in the movie Under Siege. “Are you an idiot?!” Where’s Busey when you need him? LOL.

  3. goodenglishgrammar - 7 years ago

    Lighten up, no one was injured. Although for a while there, I’m sure the tension was so high, you could cut it with a knife.

  4. Free circumcisions on 5th Ave – today only!

  5. theoceandweller - 7 years ago

    To the author of this post, why did you use such title? The man has obvious mental problems. This is not something to make fun of. It’s not even funny at all.

  6. This is story about someone who is unwell, a human soul like us all. It’s an irrestible headline, and quite funny, but show some compassion.

  7. xprmntr - 7 years ago

    I want my Apple pencil!!!!

  8. Iven Tenz (@ivenalot) - 7 years ago

    Microsoft CEO: That’s not what I meant by recruiting customers to use our products.

  9. Brandon Stiefel - 7 years ago

    Click-bait headline. That’s kind of low Chance Miller.

  10. vidaslll - 7 years ago

    who cares??? 9to5mac ran out of topics?

  11. 2is1toomany - 7 years ago

    Harsh headline bro.

  12. rnc - 7 years ago

    Good opportunity to the the iPad Pro as a shield.

  13. Real reason: he was tired of Apple charging products at extremely high price…so he felt he need to slice those prices in half.

  14. 2is1toomany - 7 years ago

    I’ve seen a man wearing samurai swords inside an Apple Store before. Much more peacefully and no one was harmed and no one panicked.

  15. Doug Aalseth - 7 years ago

    If someone had been harmed I might agree with the criticism of the headline. But no one was. I think it was great. A nice chuckle to end a really bad week.

    • standardpull - 7 years ago

      This is about as funny as falling down a fight of stairs and catching yourself. Yeah, you can laugh about it, but there is a legitimate way to look at it which isn’t funny at all.

      The simple way to look at it is “that was funny”. The more serious way to look at it is “maybe I’m developing MS like my grandpa had”.

      Some call the more sophisticated thinking as “being serious”. Others like to just stay on the surface and call it “funny”. Neither is wrong.

      • Doug Aalseth - 7 years ago

        The incident was not funny. a crazy person waving a sword in a public space had to be terrifying for those involved. The HEADLINE however put an amusing twist on it.

  16. brianskoog - 7 years ago

    The Samurai Sword was provided by Pad and Quill, and it was VERY nice.

  17. Sergio Guzman - 7 years ago

    That’s Connor Macleod katana!!

  18. The world is getting so crazy. You guys should plan ahead and register

  19. Luis E - 7 years ago

    Well, so sad he couldn’t slash any price, I’ve heard rumors that even prices got higher D:

  20. scumbolt2014 - 7 years ago

    Enjoy the shock therapy at Bellvue peanut brain.

  21. cjt3007 - 7 years ago

    Why do I need flash to watch the video on my MacBook? This is ridiculous… what year is this?

  22. wundram - 7 years ago

    I assume he was trying to buy a pencil.

  23. wordpling - 7 years ago

    Wow, are all these whiny dooches New Yorkers? No wonder I’m not motivated to go there. No one was hurt, the man (Samurai Steve) wasn’t hurt so chill the flock out. You go Chance. Don’t let the meowing liberals get you down…

  24. Rick van Rossum - 7 years ago

    Wonder what camera was used to get this off a TV screen? Keeps going in and out of focus, hope it’s not an iPhone?

  25. A “real” samurai sword? Really?

  26. aronvdherik - 7 years ago

    It hurts to see an embedded flash video on this website..

  27. inthepattern - 7 years ago

    Should read: “Man attempts massacre at Apple Store. Officials call for stricter sword laws”

  28. younguru - 7 years ago

    I’d expect iClarified to make this kind of headline but not from a respected news site like this. Unless the guy was actually slashing price tags in the store you need to pull that headline, NOW!


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