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October 26, 2018

PSA: Just got a new iPhone XR? Make some quick cash on old iPhones (+$10 bonus)

Just a quick reminder for those folks getting their iPhone XRs today. Sell your old iPhones (and Apple Watches, iPads, MacBooks, etc.) with our partner MyphonesUnlimited. We take the risk and legwork out of getting some quick cash for your device. Although we can’t beat selling direct on Swappa,  Craigslist or eBay which require uncertainty, we almost always pay more than competitor services like Gazelle.

Oh, if you sell in October with code 9to5Mac at checkout, you’ll get an additional $10. Have a good weekend!

November 13, 2017

Extra $10 on every iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch trade-in

With the iPhone X finally out, it’s time to sell your old phone and our buyback partners are offering an extra $10 on every trade-in through the end of the month. As the demand for the X continues to grow, the value of all older iPhones will begin to depreciate very quickly. If you were lucky enough to receive your phone already or if you will be receiving your new phone in the next few weeks, now is the time to act to maximize the value of your old phone with the coupon “9to5.”

October 13, 2017


With the Series 3 Apple Watches and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus already arrived and the iPhone X launch less than a month away, we wanted to let you know that our trade in partner, MyPhones Unlimited is currently paying more than almost anyone else for your used or broken iPhones. We’ve compared the largest companies that offer cash for your devices (Gazelle, Buyback World, Nextworth, uSell etc.) and we almost always offer more for iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads and other tech gadgets…

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September 8, 2017


With the new iPhone product launch event officially announced, now is the time to sell your old iPhones, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches before the prices drop after the event. We’ve analyzed data from the last two iPhone launches and there is a consistent trend of a phone’s value immediately dropping by about 15% following a new iPhone announcement and then by another 15% within a month or two of the release.

This weekend however, we’re giving you a special opportunity to lock in a solid price for your iPhone and keep that price through the end of September – almost certainly enough time to get your new iPhone. Use code monthlock at checkout to keep your locked in price until September 30th.

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June 8, 2017


Thinking about upgrading to one of those new iPad Pros Apple (or iMacs or MacBooks) announced this week?  It can seem hard to justify, especially if you have a working iPad or other Apple device. So what to do? Keep using that old tech or even worse, put that old technology in a drawer?

Our trade-in and now repair partner MyPhonesUnlimited offer a solution to your tech woes: sell us your old device with our CashBack program. Right now, we can give you a quote for almost any of your old Apple devices. When you get your quote, we ship you a box, you just place that box (with your device inside) back in the mail and a few days later, we’ll send you a check. We take care of shipping on both ends to make things easier and cheaper for you.

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April 21, 2017


Save the earth and get paid! Fight that e-waste nightmare by trading in your old Apple gear this week for cash, and you can take advantage of our Earth Day bonus: You’ll get an extra $10 on every trade-in — just use the coupon code “earthday” Whether you are upgrading Apple devices, or trying to get rid of an old one that’s just sitting around, participate in the easiest buyback program on the internet.

And from now until April 22, we’ll be throwing that $10 on top of your normal (already high) buyback price. expand full story

April 4, 2017



We are officially two weeks into Spring and it’s inevitable that the yearly cleaning spree is right around the corner. Closets will be emptied, garages will be reorganized and old iPhones, iPads and MacBooks will be unearthed in “junk drawers” around the country. Now is the perfect time to sell your old or broken devices to 9to5Mac’s quick and easy buyback program.

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November 23, 2016


Update: We’ve just secured a Coupon code for this week: “blackfriday” gives $15 extra on every trade-in

With Black Friday quickly approaching and the holiday rush in full swing, it seems like there’s never quite enough money to complete all the shopping on your holiday list. Luckily, if you’ve got an old iPhone, MacBook or iPad lying around – that’s as good as cash. Use our quick and easy buyback program to sell your device and not only get money back, but your time as well.

It takes about one minute to get a quote, our partners at MyPhones mail you all the shipping supplies and postage, and you just drop your device in, place it in your mailbox and receive a check back in about a week. Done and done. Time is never at more of a premium than during the holidays and our program is the fastest and easiest way to sell your old devices – and we beat Gazelle’s pricing.

After Christmas, old devices flood the market so get rid of those depreciating gadgets cluttering up your desk drawers today. expand full story

October 26, 2016

Big MacBook update tomorrow means now is the time to lock in/sell yours fast, for the most money

With the release of the new MacBook/Pros tomorrow, and it all but a certainty that this will be the biggest update the Pros have seen in years, now is the perfect time to sell your current MacBook/laptop before it drops in value at trade-in.9to5mac.com.

Although new MacBook releases don’t usually affect the value of older models as dramatically as new iPhones do, with such a substantial update we predict a steep decline in the value of older and current MacBook/Air/Pros. The Retina MacBook Pros and 12” MacBook will likely drop in value by several hundred dollars, while the older MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs could see their values quickly approaching zero.

Now is the perfect time to lock-in your quote before the prices drop and ensure you have enough money in the budget to be able to buy one of the updated Macs. You might be surprised how much you can lock in. You can use our simple buyback website to get a quote for your device in less than a minute. If you like what you see, we’ll send you a box to mail it in with as well as prepaid postage and then quickly mail you a check… which you can then sign over to Apple again!

September 4, 2016


Trade-in your-iphone

We know Apple is going to announce the iPhone 7/Plus and an updated Apple Watch next week and that’s really exciting. However, one small downside of the upcoming announcement is the impending drop in value of your soon-to-be-outdated Apple devices, whether they are your daily drivers or an older device that’s been sitting in your desk.

Every year newer models push the older iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks farther and farther down the path of obsolescence. But there’s good news: you still have time to sell your devices and we’ll help you maximize the money you get for them too... expand full story

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