Since the rise of technology, our world has become smaller and smaller, connecting people like never before. The popularity of apps that help connect us to one another and our surroundings, has grown immensely. iOS developers continue to take advantage of this trend and create apps that help us date, find the best restaurant, get to where we are going and share how we see the world.

Here are some of the top iOS apps that are connecting us to our world:


Meetey is an all-inclusive app that allows you to post photos/videos, write comments about what you’re doing, check-in to a location and share it with the people nearby. Those in the surrounding area can comment on what you’re doing, suggest meeting at your location, or offer friendly suggestions for what to do next. Meetey promotes direct contact with those in close proximity to you, in real-time. It’s the perfect app for people who are exploring a new city, looking for things to do and for people to meet.


Smacktive takes a whole new approach to meeting new people and doing fun activities. The app helps like-minded people connect in order to do activities together like running, yoga, and tennis. Users can search by activities or people and live-chat to find the perfect person to go be active with. Connecting with people nearby helps to motivate others to get up and be active and enjoy activities in their city.


Skout is all about meeting new people, whether they are in your area or across the world. The idea is to find friends, romance and just connect to another human being. Skouts catchphrase, “The world has no limits, so why should you?” perfectly captures the trend of connecting us to our surroundings. The most popular use for the app is GPS based dating. Like Tinder, the app connects users who are within a certain distance of one another, with the intention of going on a date.


Probably the most familiar app on this list, Couchsurfing is all about connecting travelers to locals and the city they are visiting. Couchsurfing provides a global community of users who are willing to open their homes up to travelers. In addition to finding a place to stay, couchsurfers organize events worldwide that bring together travelers and locals in order to enhance the traveling experience.

Whether you’re traveling to a new city, or just exploring your own, iOS developers continue to find ways to connect us to our world in different ways. From sharing and chatting virtually, to face-to-face meetings, users are looking to their iPhones (and developers) to help them explore, discover, and meet the world around them.

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