Watch the iPhone SE go through series of bend, burn, scratch, and waterproof tests [Video]

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Bend tests may seem to be so two years ago, but people still love doing them and now that Apple has released its latest smartphone, it’s time for more. YouTuber JerryRigEverything has gotten his hands on an iPhone SE and subject the device to bend, scratch, and burn tests. Furthermore, Zach Straley has put the iPhone SE through some waterproof tests.

In the scratch test, the iPhone SE was able to withstand the same level of sharpness as the Galaxy S7 did. While in the burn test, the iPhone SE performed better than the S7 thanks to its IPS display holding up better than Samsung’s OLED.

In the bend test, it’s concluded the iPhone SE holds up far better than devices like the Nexus 6P and iPhone 6, although the device does crack along the side with enough pressure. In the waterproof test, the iPhone SE is shown to last just as long as the iPhone 6s while being submerged in water. This is interesting to note, considering iFixit’s teardown showed that the iPhone SE apparently doesn’t have the added layer of adhesive on the inside that led to its increased resistance to water.

Both of the videos can be seen below:



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