Jeb Bush praises Apple Watch health apps, Newt Gingrich prepares to review it


Kanye West is not the Only One with an Apple Watch these days. A pair of well-known U.S. Political figures today showed off their new watches. Above, Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush can be seen explaining that the Apple Watch, in his opinion, does a better job at health management than Obamacare.

Below, Newt Gingrich can be seen wearing the Watch in preparation for reviewing the device for Mashable:

Screenshot 2015-05-14 12.38.29


  1. oxfdblue (@oxfdblue) - 8 years ago

    What an ass… both Jeb and Newt.

  2. absarokasheriff - 8 years ago

    Snarkiness and ad hominem attacks aside. Fitness tracking and calorie tracking are important components to fitness and health.

    In the US, people pay 500-1000 per person in insurance and a large part of that goes to prescriptions for preventable diseases such as Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease/ arthesclerosis.

    It’s impossible to completely track calories because of honesty, inconvenience and forgetfulness but having a reliable fitness tracker could be half of the equation.

    The Apple Watch can’t track all components of Fitness (yet) but heart rate and mobility are two of the biggies.

    If you could get a discount on your Apple Watch (or similar) or on your insurance for demonstrating real fitness levels. That is a big deal.