I want to present you my new app „Glimpse -Webpages in today view“.
The app lets you add webpages in a notification center widget.
The app refreshes the page after a interval the user can set and shows otherwise a locally saved cache of the last view of the page.
You can open the webpage directly out of the widget or reload it, if the user wants to refresh manually or if there was an error while loading the page.
With Glimpse you can always read news, see if there is something new on a webpage or if the long awaited product is available to order in the notification center.
The app costs 2.99 $ and is a universal app for iPhone and iPad
You can finde more Informations here:
The app is in the appstore under the following link:
Here are promo codes to test the app:
Press Ressources with Screens & Short Video are available here:
I would be very happy if you mention my app on your page.
If you have more questions feel free to ask.
Best regards from Frankfurt,

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