Are you buried in the files at work or in school as we head into the holiday season?Kdan’s PDF Reader 6 Premium has come to rescue you from the ordeal.


Benefit from the iOS 8 exclusive features

iCloud Drive

The alarm clock snatches you out of your dreams just in time for meeting or class. The slugabeds among you know what we’re talking about. On the way out the door, if you forget the iPad or Macbook you use for note-taking , your day just got even worse. Luckily, PDF Reader 6 Premium supports iCloud Drive. Store all your files in iCloud Drive to make them accessible from any other Apple device, and you’ll have one less problem to worry about.

Auto rectangle detection

If coming late to a meeting or class is worse than showing up at all and sleeping in proves to be the best option, it’s quite a relief that PDF Reader 6 Premium has a built-in scanner. With its auto rectangle detection, scanning important class or meeting notes has never been easier. Use PDF Reader 6 Premium’s photo extension to transfer your scanned files or any other file from your photo library and convert to a single PDF file.

Safety first

Touch ID

Those who value privacy can move, save and lock up their files in the private folder supported by the Touch ID feature. The only key to the private folder is your fingerprint.

 An app that fully utilizes the beautiful screen

Who doesn’t hate smudged, sloppily copied PDF documents? Don’t worry, we have that covered, too. Unlike other apps that fail to present your files in high quality on larger displays, with PDF Reader 6 Premium even scanned documents come in high quality and are as readable as the originals.

Excellent performance comes with low price

PDF Reader 6 Premium makes use of iOS 8 exclusive features for storing, editing and securing your files. In addition, this app is specially optimized for the larger displays of your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Smart, easy features make PDF Reader 6 Premium the ideal addition to every student’s office. You’ll find PDF Reader 6 Premium as an introductory special for only $1.99 in the App Store.

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