Pixure is a new iOS app by Silver Fox bringing an advanced pixel art editor to the iPad. It has over a hundred user features, including advanced support for layers.

The app is currently on a 66% off launch sale ($0.99 instead of $2.99).

Pixure iPad screenshot

Some notable features:

  • Layers – create, copy, rename, reorder, delete, hide, transform and move layers
  • Bucket fill – with advanced options, including tolerance
  • Advanced color picker – includes the ability to manually enter RGB and hex values
  • Swatches – automatic swatch history with no limit
  • Shapes drawer – includes circle, rectangle, triangle, line and more
  • Export – export or share as .psd, .svg, .png or .jpg
  • Beautiful and clean design – features a dark layout that puts the focus on your work
  • iTunes file sharing – easily access your work over USB via iTunes

The app preview (available in the App Store) is also available on YouTube.

Promo codes:

  • HL94J6WJ6NJJ
  • 6E74KNF3LWN4
  • LRX9E693KXF9
  • 47KWE4NXYYW4

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