The essence of the application is quite simple and interesting. The user activates the application, SLEEP NOTE, and is then able to utilize alarm clock features with sleep function analysis and much more. Now, after the de-activation of alarm, the application will notify the person that it is now time to leave your comments about the dream. In this case, the user can create a short text, note, or speak with their voice, as well as select the emotion they associated with the past bedtime. On the basis of this data, SLEEP NOTE creates a kind of dream base for you, as it sorts according to the phases of the moon. After some time, when notes and other information accumulate in a large number, the application will allow the user to analyze and accurately determine the dependence of subject’s dreams of moon phases.

In addition, using the application SLEEP NOTE, you are able to have your own library of dreams. Everyone knows that in a few minutes after waking, we forget what was discussed or occurred in the dream. In the case of SLEEP NOTE, we have the original situation, the raw information about the user’s dreams immediately upon waking.

Developers claim that analysis of dream information and how it relates to phases of the moon help humans better understand their emotions and how daily processes affect their mood.

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