Just a few days before the scheduled release of Becoming Steve Jobs, another Jobs book sold for thousands. Rather than just recounting Jobs’s past, this one is actually a piece of his history.

A private eBay seller listed an original copy of the 1972 Homestead High School yearbook. The book depicts a long-haired Steve Jobs from his Senior year of high school. Over the weekend the auction ended with a winning bid of $12,322.00.

Auction description:

Original 1972 Homestead High School yearbook in very good condition with Steve Jobs senior picture. Original owner was freshman when Steve Jobs was senior at same high school in Sunnyvale, CA. Also pictured is famous musician singer/songwriter “Roy Zimmerman” in his freshman year. “Mr. John McCollum” is also pictured who was Steve Jobs high school electronics teacher and “Mark Wozniak”, Steve Wozniak’s (co-founder of Apple Computers) brother. Last but not least is a picture of “Patty Jobs” (Steve Jobs sister). Unlike most yearbooks, there are no signatures or notes from fellow students.

Though this yearbook is in good condition, there are some minor flaws. The binding is slightly loose and beginning to separate from the cover at the top. The picture of the “Dean of Girls” has blue marking pen over the face. The original owner’s name is also shown in ink on the inside of the cover. Lastly, there is a pin-sized hole on pages 15-22 and a barely noticeable indentation defect on pages 23-50 Please review all pictures for details. The pictures are of the actual yearbook you will receive.

This item is extremely rare since the yearbooks were printed only for the student body and not all students purchased a yearbook when it was published in 1972. This is surely one of the most nostalgic pieces of “Steve Jobs” memorabilia you can possibly find and the perfect gift for any “Steve Jobs” enthusiast. Not only a definite historical collector’s item, but also the very best “coffee table” book you could ever brag about!

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