A note-taking app is nothing special in this booming world. But a note-taking app packed with innovative multimedia tools for content creation—now, that’s something else.

NoteLedge Ultimate is not only your everyday note-taking app, but also your digital sidekick that aids you in creating and organizing multimedia content. NoteLedge Ultimate comes with strong multimedia editing capabilities, calendar integration, cloud services and free creative tools, not to mention a slick new user interface.

10 Brushes. 100 Possibilities.

[More Creative Tools]

When inspiration strikes, NoteLedge Ultimate gives you the best tools to write, draw, sketch and stylize your ideas. Simply taking notes isn’t much fun. NoteLedge Ultimate provides a rich set of brushes, colors and fonts to customize your notes with.

To create compelling notes rich in content, you can add photos, stickers, tables, video and audio clips to notes. While no other apps provide you with too much multimedia capabilities, NoteLedge allows you to take notes and record audio simultaneously. NoteLedge even makes it possible to store multiple audio or video recordings in your notes.

Do you crave the convenience of digital tools and the feel of a real pen? No problem—simply connect your Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint and enjoy the pressure sensitivity, palm rejection and undo/redo short buttons features.

 [Simpler. More Intuitive]

NoteLedge Ultimate has just the right balance between an extensive set of features and a simple and clean user interface. The mix of complexity and simplicity is sure to inspire content creators and assist them in all their creative ventures. What’s more, NoteLedge Ultimate’s large editing space leaves more than enough room for all of your creative ideas.

Content Creation Redefined

[Collect and Share Content Instantly]

Content creators often search for new and interesting information online. Whenever you come across a striking article, a compelling picture, or anything that is worth collecting and sharing, just clip the content out of NoteLedge Ultimate’s built-in web browser and add to your notes.

[Calendar Integration & Cloud Service Support]

Use NoteLedge Ultimate’s powerful file manager to add notes to your iOS or Google Calendar as PDFs. To ensure your workflow is as seamless and efficient as possible, use Kdan Cloud to sync and backup your files across multiple devices including iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, and Windows 8.

Worth Every Dime

A universal app available for iPhone and iPad, NoteLedge Ultimate is on offer for a special introductory price of $ 1.99 in the App Store. Those who have already purchased the previous version of NoteLedge can now backup their files on Kdan Cloud and retrieve them in the new NoteLedge Ultimate.

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