While watching a hangout today starring fellow writers here at 9to5Mac, the subject came up as to whether Preview and TextEdit, two currently [exclusive] Mac apps, will ever make their debut to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.

What I wanted to reiterate here, and explain to the public is that this may be a sign of Apple starting to clean up their iCloud act. Think about it, Apple’s iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) all adopted iCloud, and with that there are iPhone and iPad counterparts. Notes takes advantage of syncing using iCloud as well, and that is why we see it on Mac and iOS, cause what good would it be to the average Mac user who owns one Mac to have iCloud syncing? What would the user be syncing.. to?

So how does Preview and TextEdit fit into all of this? Well along with the plethora of Apple apps that adopted iCloud, so did these two. Yet, if you don’t own more than one Mac, the syncing capability is useless. So it’d make 100% sense for Apple to bring Preview and TextEdit to iOS to add value to iCloud syncing. Plus, having a rich text editor like TextEdit and an entry level photo editor like Preview, sync from your Mac to your iPad, would be kind of nice.

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