Hi there,

we have just released ”WiFi Priority“ to the app store, the first ever app that lets you prioritize the order in which known WiFi networks are joined by your iOS device.

iPhones and iPads rank available WiFi networks alphabetically and automatically connect to the first one that was used previously. However, sometimes you might prefer to rather automatically connect to another known network which is further down the list. This is where “WiFi Priority” comes to your aid. It simply lets you disable the auto-join function for selected networks and thus prioritize the one that you prefer by creating and installing a configuration profile on the device. Afterwards you can still manually join the de-prioritized network by simply tapping on it in the device’s network list. I think this can be a big helper for a lot of people in multi WiFi environments.

WiFi Priority is available as universal app worldwide for $0.99.

If you have any questions about “WiFi Priority”, please let me know.

Best regards, Florian Schimanke

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