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Site default logo image task manager updated to version 3.0 with new sorting options, grid view, and more


Popular task management app has been updated to version 3.0 with a slew of new features and a fresh coat of paint. You’ll still find all of your lists and collaboration features as easy to use as ever, but now you’ll be able to see an overview of all of your lists with the new grid mode.

Collaborative lists have also been improved, gaining the ability to share “side projects” with a group, or form “work teams” for complex projects. Real-time updating across all users’ devices allows everyone to stay in sync and up-to-the-second.

New sorting options let users sort tasks by due date or priority to help get things done when they need to be done. Finally, the syncing system has been refined to provide a more stable sync experience for all users.

You can grab 3.0 for iPhone or Mac for free. Click any of the screenshots below for a larger view. gets a massive update to version 2.0 with a focus on collaboration

all-devices, the popular to-do list management application for iOS, has received a huge update to version 2.0, which introduces a new focus on collaboration among teams and families. All of the app’s previous functions still work the way they did in previous versions, so existing users won’t need to re-learn anything, but those who want better support for groups and sharing will find a lot of useful enhancements in this update.

A new chat function allows members of a project to talk with each other, share files from Dropbox, add and remove group members, and more. Shared lists and tasks make it easy to quickly assign work, update the group’s progress, or just add something to a shared grocery list.


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A look at ‘Cal’,’s calendar app for iPhone (mini-review)

anydocalAs part of their plan to create a suit of productivity apps, the makers of the popular productivity app have launched a new calendar app called “Cal“. Available in the App Store, it makes it really easy to quickly find locations and invite others to events in a clean interface.

Integrating right into your phone’s calendars and Facebook friends list, you can start taking advantage of the features right away. The best use I’ve found for the app is scheduling quick hangouts with friends. When you add an event, you can use natural language to type in something like, “Lunch with Josh at Cafe Luce.” Once you type in your friend’s name, their picture appears. Once you type in the location, it pulls data from Facebook Places and it places in the address and other information. You are also presented with buttons to email or message all event attendees – great for last minute changes or asking for directions to the venue.

Beyond the event creation functionalities, it acts as a nice calendar application with a sleek design. In fact, it closely resembles the upcoming iOS 7 calendar application. My biggest issue with the 30-day view

As a free application in the App Store, I’d recommend giving Cal a shot. Just like most productivity apps, it really depends on the way you perform tasks and how closely the app mirrors that. It’s a step above the native calendar application and the flat design is extremely welcoming. As continues to build their product line, this application can act as a good sign of things to come.