Debunk Stories May 21, 2015

No, that’s not an iPhone 6C with Touch ID, and Apple isn’t planning new iPhones for August… expand full story

Debunk Stories February 11, 2014

Double debunk: bezel-free iPhones, sapphire iWatch only?

Two Apple rumors have popped up today originating from the KoreaHerald and Chinese media outlet MyDrivers (via Gforgames) that claim to share new details about upcoming next-generation iPhones. The first report from MyDrivers claims that industry sources from Taiwan say Apple won’t move to sapphire for the next-gen iPhone display. It cites cost and limited production capacity, but claims Apple is prototyping an “iPhone 6” with sapphire display anyway. The biggest problem with this report— apart from the site’s track record— is that Apple recently acquired enough equipment for its new Arizona sapphire plant to produce 100-200 million 5-inch iPhone displays a year. While the report adds that Apple will likely use sapphire for the rumored iWatch display, it’s certainly preparing its Arizona plant to produce much beyond just that product.

Next we have the KoreaHerald report claiming that both Samsung and Apple are working on bezel-less displays and that Apple is prototyping one that includes a fingerprint sensor:

Debunk Stories November 7, 2013

Some Apple Stores closing early in coming weeks for quarterly meetings, not ‘mysterious’ product launch

Yesterday, some noise emerged that some Apple Stores are closing early under “special hours” on the weekend and days between November 17th and 19th. Several reports seem to be blowing this out of proportion and speculating that this indicates an imminent Apple product launch (like the Retina iPad mini or redesigned Mac Pro). Besides the fact that Apple would never launch a product on a Sunday night, these days are when Apple will be holding its quarterly, typically-boring store meetings for its retail employees. Nothing “mysterious” here…

Nov 17 update:

Some employees have had their meetings, and this is what they shared:


Debunk Stories August 28, 2013

This morning, news is circulating regarding claims of a September iPad launch, gold iPhone 5S scratch tests, Apple products being allowed to be imported into Iran, and Apple potentially disrupting the way that mobile carriers work. Let’s take a look at each of these claims…

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