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Apple first introduced the world to podcasts back in 2005 by adding a podcast directory into iTunes 4.9. It wasn’t until 2012 that they launched the Apple Podcasts app for iPhone.

Over the years, the app has taken on many designs as it mimicked the overall iOS design trends. Despite it not offering all the features of third party apps, it is reported to have the high market share of any podcast app. Despite having control of the market, Apple hasn’t done much to try to profit from it. From a technical side, the directory in Apple Podcasts is just a collection of RSS feeds. Spotify is one company aimed to growing its podcast market share at the expense of Apple Podcasts, so it remains to be seen what (if anything) Apple will do going forward.

9to5Mac hosts an hour long weekly Apple news podcast called 9to5Mac Happy Hour, a short updates podcast with episodes released throughout the week called 9to5Mac Daily, and a weekly tech news podcast from the perspective of developers called Stacktrace. All of them can be subscribed to inside of Apple Podcasts.

Other podcasts on our network include:

Concept: Apple Podcasts has so much potential; here are some ways it could be taken to the next level

Apple Podcasts is the AM to Apple Music’s FM. The two apps should be almost on par at all times, particularly now that the company is turning podcasts into an app that includes paid subscriptions. The app hasn’t always gotten the love it deserves, but that’s starting to change. There are lots of ways Apple could take the podcasts app to the next level as it enters into a new era. Here are some of my ideas…

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Report: Premium podcasts subscription service to be announced at the Apple event

Apple Podcasts

Apple has so far dabbled with a small array of original podcasts, including the For All Mankind companion show and true crime series The Line.

However, rumors have persisted that Apple has bigger ambitions in this space as it looks to compete with the growing podcast libraries from the likes of Spotify. Today, Vox Media’s Peter Kafka says that he believes Apple will announce a new podcast subscription service on Tuesday, at Apple’s April ‘Spring Loaded’ event.

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iOS 14.5: Apple Podcasts now automatically detects a show’s release schedule

iOS 14.5 is bringing a variety of changes and enhancements to the Podcasts app on iPhone and iPad. With a recent server side change, the new Podcasts app displays the release schedule for a particular podcast on the show details page.

As shown in the screenshots, the episodic release period — such as weekly, monthly, or daily — is now shown alongside the podcast category and ratings summary inside of Apple Podcasts …

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Poll: Do you think Podcasts+ is the next service coming to Apple One?

It’s been two years since Apple held its Services event to introduce Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple Card. Last September, the company announced the Apple One subscription, where you can bundle services and pay less for them.

With iOS 14.5 destined to arrive rather sooner than later, the company could be planning another addition to the One subscription: Podcasts+, here’s why:

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How many podcast shows are there? It depends what you count…

How many podcast shows

If you ask Apple how many podcast shows there are out there, the official answer is “more than 2 million.” You’d find the same answer at Podcast Index, which actually puts it at closer to 2.5M shows. But a media company specializing in audio content says these numbers are misleading.

The reason? The total includes what Amplifi Media calls “one and done” shows – a lot of them …

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Apple adopting the word ‘follow’ for podcasts as users associate ‘subscribe’ with paid content

With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced some interesting changes to the interface of the Podcasts app, which had already been improved with the release of iOS 14 last year. However, one small change that users may not have noticed is that Apple is now replacing the word “subscribe” with “follow” for podcasts.

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Analyst predicts Spotify will overtake Apple Podcasts in US listeners this year

Spotify iOS

Over the last few years, Spotify has been seriously ramping up its investment in podcasts with multiple acquisitions, building out a roster of exclusive shows, and more. Now it looks like those efforts are starting to pay off as Spotify is reportedly set to surpass Apple in monthly US podcast listenership according to a new analyst note.

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Apple launches first TV+ companion podcast with ‘For All Mankind’ series in time for second season

Apple is launching its first podcast series connected to an original series on its Apple TV+ video streaming service. For All Mankind: The Official Podcast is hosted by actor Krys Marshall, who plays astronaut Danielle Poole on the show. The weekly podcast series will include interviews with more cast members, space experts, and former astronauts.

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Report: Apple in talks with production companies to launch ‘podcasting subscription service’

apple podcasts

More evidence has emerged of Apple’s plans to launch a podcast subscription service. The Information reports today that Apple is “discussing launching a new subscription service that would charge people to listen to podcasts,” but it’s “unclear when—or whether—Apple will launch the new service.”

Update: Bloomberg has published a new report corroborating that Apple is “working on adding a subscription service to its podcasting business in 2021.”

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What’s the best podcast app for iPhone? (Updated for 2021)

When it comes to listening to podcasts on iOS, there are so many great options. The Apple Podcasts app comes built into every iOS device with syncing. It’s undoubtedly a great app, but is it the best? On iOS, users have countless third-party options. My goal for this article is to break down some of the major podcast apps and help you determine which is best for what you want out of an app. What’s the best podcast app for iPhone?

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Apple reveals most popular books, podcasts of the year including first-ever show of the year

Apple best podcasts, books, audiobooks 2020

2020 is (thankfully) coming to a close and Apple has shared some handy collections for what it considers the best content from this year. The lists include the most popular podcasts, books, audiobooks, and more like “Biggest Shows of 2020.” And in a first, Apple Podcasts has named a “Show of the Year” with the honor going to NPR’s Code Sw!tch.

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Apple Watch podcast download counts were too high; now being corrected

Apple Watch podcast app problem

The way that Apple Watch podcast downloads are counted is being changed, to avoid double-counting which occurred with the original approach. The issue only occurs with Apple’s own Podcasts app.

This change means podcasts will see their audience number appear to fall – and, indeed, for Apple Watch listeners to more-or-less disappear altogether …

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Amazon Music podcasts on the way, with immediate controversy

Amazon Music podcasts on the way

Amazon Music podcasts are on the way, with the ecommerce giant also planning on making podcasts available on its audiobook service, Audible. This will almost certainly mean that podcasts are natively supported on Echo speakers, rather than requiring third-party skills.

Apple is still the best-known source of podcasts, but Spotify has offered podcasts for a few years now and has really upped its game in the past 18 months – including a controversial $100M exclusive. Other ways to listen to podcasts include TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and

Just like Spotify, Amazon is headed for controversy with its approach …

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Review: Does Wondery Plus bring enough value to warrant the podcast service subscription?

Wondery Plus

I am very particular about podcasts, podcast apps, how to subscribe, and generally anything related to the podcast industry. I change my podcast app of choice on almost a weekly basis. I am passionate about all things podcasts. One trend that I’ve seen in 2020 is a move to premium podcasts for additional content. I subscribe to the premium version of ATP, Cortex, and many others. I love supporting my favorite shows to get additional content. For the past few weeks, I’ve spent some time with Wondery Plus. I’ve been a fan of many Wondery shows for quite a while, so I wanted to see what else they had to offer.