Messages Stories September 9, 2020

Fantastical developers discontinue Chatology Mac app as macOS Big Sur overhauls Messages

For many years, Chatology by Flexibits was a go-to solution to fix the problems with searching the Messages app on Mac. Now with the public release of macOS Big Sur approaching, Chatology is being discontinued.

Messages Stories May 25, 2020

Messages Mac app may soon be on par with the iOS one

My colleague Filipe Espósito has discovered evidence that Apple plans to revitalize the Messages Mac app by creating a Catalyst version. This would mean that it would finally gain parity with the iOS app in terms of access to thing like stickers, GIFs, message effects and so on.

Although some might consider this a rather trivial thing, I think it’s actually a little more important than it might seem …

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Messages Stories October 24, 2019

How to edit messages on iPhone and iPad with two-finger tap

Want to be more efficient with managing your messages on iPhone or iPad? Follow along for how to access edit mode in the Messages app with a two-finger tap on iPhone and iPad.

Messages Stories August 27, 2018

iPhone: How to enable character counter in the Messages app

While there’s no limit to how long an iMessage can be, not all of your friends may have iPhones. Which means you default back to SMS, which has a 140 character limit. While Apple has been pretty good about splitting up SMS when sending more than 140 characters, sometimes it doesn’t work as intended, depending on the receiving person’s carrier.

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