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Privacy is a growing concern in today’s world. Follow along with all our coverage related to privacy, security, what Apple and other companies are doing to keep your information safe, and what steps you can take to keep your information private.

Report: 10,000 apps have already enabled App Tracking Transparency; most of them are games

The long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature became available to iPhone and iPad users this week with the release of iOS 14.5, and users can now opt out of being tracked by third-party apps. Now, app analysis firm AppFigures has revealed some statistics on the adoption of this feature.

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Alibaba is concerned about how Apple’s new privacy policies will affect its business

With the release of iOS 14.5 and the App Tracking Transparency feature, multiple companies that have ad-based businesses have been getting concerned as Apple’s privacy policies now let users opt-out of being tracked by third-party apps. Last week, Alibaba Group invited some marketing executives to discuss what to do about the changes introduced with iOS 14.5.

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Leaked Facebook memo reveals how advertisers will be impacted following iOS 14.5 release

Apple finally introduced iOS 14.5 this week, which comes with the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature to prevent third-party apps from tracking users across the web. Since the announcement of this feature, Facebook has been complaining about the impact this option will have on its business model, and now a leaked company memo reveals how advertisers will be affected.

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Cellebrite Physical Analyzer has functionality limited with iPhones following Signal blog post

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer no longer available for iPhones

The Cellebrite Physical Analyzer – the most intrusive phone-cracking tool offered by the company – no longer supports the direct extraction of iPhone data, according to a document shared with us. This follows the discovery and exploitation of a vulnerability by secure messaging app Signal.

Signal discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in Cellebrite’s software, and was able to find a way to booby-trap iPhones to corrupt the results of a scan using Physical Analyzer …

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Location info sold by smartphone apps revealed US military movements in Syria

US military movements

US military movements in Syria were revealed by location info available for purchase from smartphone apps, says a new report today. This included enough information to identify the location of an undeclared US military base in the country.

The sensitive location information was harvested from weather, games, and dating apps on the phones of US soldiers, and appears to include special ops personnel …

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iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency toggle mysteriously grayed out for some users

Apple today finally made the new App Tracking Transparency feature available to users, which is part of the newly released iOS 14.5. The new feature lets users opt out of being tracked by third-party apps, but the toggle is grayed out for some users even after installing iOS 14.5 — which has made people confused about how the new feature works.

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Following iOS 14.5 release, Apple details App Tracking Transparency in new video

Apple today finally released iOS 14.5 to the public, which comes with the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature. With this new option available in the iOS settings, users can opt-out of being tracked by third-party apps across other apps and websites. To further highlight this new feature, the company has now shared a new video explaining how App Tracking Transparency works.

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App Tracking Transparency leads to antitrust complaint in Germany

Apple sees antitrust complaint in Germany

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy, expected to come into force shortly, has led to an antitrust complaint in Germany from some of the largest media, tech, and ad companies in the country. It follows a similar complaint in France last month.

The companies behind the complaint say that app developers could see their ad revenue fall by 60%, and also claim that consumers will pay more for apps …

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AirDrop flaw can easily reveal your phone number and email address to strangers

AirDrop flaw

An AirDrop flaw means that doing nothing more than opening an iOS or macOS sharing pane within Wi-Fi range of a stranger can enable them to see your phone number and email address. You do not have to initiate an AirDrop transfer to be at risk.

The security researchers who discovered the vulnerability say that they disclosed it to Apple way back in May 2019, but the company still hasn’t provided a fix to the 1.5 billion affected devices …

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Signal uses an iPhone SE to hack Cellebrite phone-cracking software

Cellebrite phone-cracking software hacked by Signal

Secure messaging company Signal has successfully used an iPhone SE to hack Cellebrite‘s phone-cracking software. The company says that anyone could place a file on their iPhone that effectively renders useless any data extraction performed on the phone, and that it will be doing this for Signal users.

Signal says that the file could also compromise all past and future reports generated from the Cellebrite Windows app …

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TikTok illegally collecting data from kids, says lawsuit; Instagram to block hateful DMs

TikTok illegally collecting data from kids says lawsuit

TikTok is illegally collecting data from children, according to a legal case made by the former children’s commissioner for England. She says the company is breaching privacy laws.

Anne Longfield has filed a claim on behalf of “millions of children,” and is seeking to force TikTok to delete personal data as well as pay “billions” in compensation …

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Cellebrite helps Brazilian police arrest murder suspects after recovering data from locked iPhones

Cellebrite is an advanced and controversial tool that has been used by law enforcement officers to crack the iPhone security on multiple occasions. Today Brazilian police confirmed that they used this tool to unlock the iPhones of two child murder suspects who were arrested after important messages were recovered from their devices.

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WSJ: P&G among companies testing China-backed way to skirt App Tracking Transparency rules

As Apple prepares to roll out its new App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5, companies around the world are scrambling to find ways to skirt the guidelines.

A report from from the Wall Street Journal today offers new details on the companies involved with developing and testing an advertising technology in China to gather data from iPhone users for targeted ads without user consent.

Update: Proctor & Gamble has published its response to the WSJ story detailing its efforts to build a digital advertising future that respects privacy.

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Facebook will tell you if a page is satire, but not if your data was leaked

Facebook will tell you if a page is satire

Facebook will tell you if a page is satire, as well as if it isn’t, in a new initiative. When a satirical page uses the name of a politician, for example, it will be labeled “Satire Page” to ensure that people don’t mistake it for the real person.

Conversely, posts by politicians will be labeled as “Public Official” …

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Ahead of ATT launch, Apple touts its other privacy-preserving ad technologies on iOS

Apple has debuted a new “A Day in the Life of Your Data” report today with updated details on its efforts to preserve user privacy. The new report focuses on the behind-the-scenes technology Apple uses to manage the impact on user privacy of targeted advertising. This comes ahead of this spring’s launch of App Tracking Transparency.

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Apple reminds developers to update their apps for AppTrackingTransparency and iOS 14.5

Following this morning’s Tim Cook interview with Kara Swisher that focused on privacy, Apple has reminded developers to update their apps with the new AppTrackingTransparency framework before the release of iOS 14.5. AppTrackingTransparency, or ATT, is a new tool Apple is introducing to protect users’ data and prevent unwanted apps from tracking you across other websites and apps.

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